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Art in Full Spectrum: Toronto’s Lighthouse Immersive

Art in Full Spectrum Toronto's Lighthouse Immersive

Did you know that Lighthouse Immersive is the first experiential entertainment multiplex in the world? That’s why we made a guide to learn more about this awesome place where art meets technology!

From mesmerizing exhibits to interactive experiences, we’ve got the scoop on this innovative cultural hotspot. Let’s step into the digital realm and explore Lighthouse Immersive together!

Time Zone

Pacific Standard Time (PST) (UTC-8)

Best Time to Go

The best time to go  to the Lighthouse Immersive is during weekdays, as it’s usually quieter, giving you more room to wander and take in the displays.

The Lighthouse Immersive is usually open for a short run, so make sure to glance at the schedule before your visit. 

Things to Know

Currency: Canadian Dollar

Language: English

Calling Code: +1  


Ticket prices at the Lighthouse Immersive in Toronto starts at $49.99.

Parking Situation

The exhibit doesn’t offer its own parking, but there are several public parking lots nearby for visitors to use.

What is Lighthouse Immersive in Toronto?

What is Lighthouse Immersive in Toronto

Lighthouse Immersive in Toronto is an innovative art exhibition showcasing immersive digital installations. 

Important for its cutting-edge approach to art and technology, it offers a unique experience for the public, tourists, and locals alike, fostering creativity and pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms in a captivating manner.

This venue opened in July 2020, and was founded by Toronto-based producers, Corey Ross and Svetlana Dvoretsky and Toronto-based developer, Slava Zheleznyakov.

Since its opening, the Lighthouse Immersivehas presented many renowned exhibits and experiences, including the works of Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Klimt, Disney, and many more.

How to Get There

By public transit: take the TTC subway to Union Station, then catch the 509 or 510 streetcar westbound to York Street.

By car: drive east on the Gardiner Expressway and exit at York Street, turning north onto Front Street and then right onto Yonge Street.

Where to Stay near the Lighthouse Immersive in Toronto

Novotel Toronto Centre

Address: 45 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON M5E 1W2, Canada

Phone: +1 416-367-8900

Pricing: $

Book Now

Located in the St Lawrence Neighbourhood, the Novotel Toronto Centre is the epitome of a comfortable stay—sweet views, handy phone charging spots, and all the gadgets you need. 

Plus, it’s super close to Union Station and a Metro grocery store, so you can grab anything you need in a jiffy.

Cambridge Suites Toronto

Address: 15 Richmond St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1N2, Canada

Phone: +1 416-368-1990

Pricing: $

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This all-suite place has got the prime spot, right near CF Toronto Eaton Centre, Scotiabank Arena, tons of restaurants, shops, and even the subway. 

The rooms might be simple, but they’ve got some cool stuff like a rooftop gym, a spot to handle business stuff, and a trendy restaurant to grab a bite.

The Westin Harbour Castle

Address: 1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON M5J 1A6, Canada

Phone: +1 416-869-1600

Pricing: $$

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The Westin Harbour Castle is a 4-star hotel, with rooms boasting views of Lake Ontario and Toronto’s spectacular city. It’s also close to the harbor front.

For a city hotel, it has all the required amenities—a restaurant, bar, gym, indoor pool, tennis courts, and a terrace with lake views.

Pantages Hotel

Address: 200 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5B 1V8, Canada

Phone: +1 416-362-1777

Pricing: $

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With 213 contemporary rooms, the Pantages Hotel is situated in a central location with short walks to the subway and Eaton center. 

The rooms here are complete with floor-to-ceiling windows for that extra touch. But wait, there’s more – they’ve got a martini bar, a fitness center, and this chill relaxation zone with a sauna, whirlpool, and steam room.

Fairmont Royal York

Address: 100 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1E3, Canada

Phone: +1 416-368-2511

Pricing: $$$

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The Fairmont Royal York is like this grand palace right in the heart of downtown. They’ve got this stunning indoor pool that’s lit up by the skylight, and not one, not two, but three awesome places to chow down right on site. 

They also got a spa that’s open all day, every day, with a gym that’s ready whenever you are, plus an indoor pool and a cozy whirlpool tub to unwind in.

Where to Eat near the Lighthouse Immersive in Toronto

Evviva Breakfast and Lunch

Address: 25 Lower Simcoe St, Toronto, ON M5J 3A1, Canada

Phone: +1 647-351-4040

Pricing: $$


Evviva Breakfast and Lunch is the perfect brunch spot along Lower Simcoe, with lots of variety on their menu with options for vegans and dairy free. Their portions are huge!

Get the eggs benedict on smoked salmon! It has a base of tomatoes and a side of smoked ham, and it’s just delicious.

The Butcher Chef

Address: 8 Harbour St, Toronto, ON M5J 3B1, Canada

Phone: +1 416-223-2250

Pricing: $$


Located at 8 Harbor Street, the Butcher Chef is a classy spot, decorated in dark, with the best steaks in the city. They specialize in luxurious cuts of beef from around the world.

Our advice? Get the tuna tartare. It’s out of the world delicious. And don’t even get us started on the steak – cooked to absolute perfection.

Trios Bistro

Address: 525 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5G 2L2, Canada

Phone: +1 416-204-9018

Pricing: $$


The Trios Bistro serves breakfast-to-dinner Canadian fare. Their menu features craft cocktails, Ontario craft beer, and a menu perfect for meals, snacks and sharing.

But let’s talk about those omelets – they’re seriously impressive. Bursting with flavor, each one is a delight, but if you’re asking for the best choice, go for the spinach, tomato, and goat cheese omelet.

Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar Front Street

Address: 200 Front St W Unit #G001, Toronto, ON M5V 3J1, Canada

Phone: +1 416-979-3665

Pricing: $$


This restaurant specialized Italian-inspired cuisine with kitchenstyle tables that set the stage for classic Italian hospitality and authentic Italian food. 

Now, let’s talk about their Mushroom Truffle Fettuccine – it’s a total game-changer. And get this, they make the fresh pasta right there in the restaurant.

Miller Tavern on Bay Street

Address: 31 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5J 3B2, Canada

Phone: +1 416-366-5544

Pricing: $$


This fine seafood and steakhouse features a wide variety of seafood, chops & other gourmet comfort food.

Let us tell you about their fish and chips – it’s on another level. The main course totally blew us away, surpassing all expectations. The batter is perfectly crispy, and the fish? Oh, it’s so tender.

What to Do in the Lighthouse Immersive in Toronto

Explore the Van Gogh Exhibit

Media credit: immersivevangogh

Address: 1 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 2A3, Canada

Phone: +1 844-307-4644


The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit was brought to life by the talented David Korins, who’s known for his Emmy Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated designs.

Let us tell you, experiencing Van Gogh’s works in this immersive setting was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It truly engaged most of my senses, and we have to say, it’s left us craving more immersive experiences in the future.

Sing-along with Elsa In The World Of Frozen

Media credit: immersivevangogh

Address: 1 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 2A3, Canada

Phone: +1 844-307-4644


At the Lighthouse Immersive, they’ve got this awesome Disney Exhibition going on, and it’s a must-see. One of the highlights? They’ve dedicated a special corner just for the Queen of Arendelle herself.

You get to step into Elsa’s world and experience some of the most iconic Disney songs, and yes, you can totally sing along!

Discover the Sea Surrounded by Bubbles

Media credit: immersivevangogh

Address: 1 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 2A3, Canada

Phone: +1 844-307-4644


Another must-visit exhibit is “Under the Sea,” where you’re surrounded by a gazillion bubbles that transport you into an enchanting underwater world. 

As you explore this exhibit, you’ll encounter your favorite characters in the Little Mermaid, like Ariel, Sebastian, and Ursula.

Light Up in Different Colors at the Light’s Show

Media credit: immersivevangogh

Address: 1 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 2A3, Canada

Phone: +1 844-307-4644


When you grab VIP or Premium tickets for the immersive experience, you’re not just watching the show, you’re becoming a part of it! 

How? Well, they give you these awesome wristbands that light up in different colors throughout the whole experience. 

See a Whole New World of Disney Animation

Media credit: immersivevangogh

Address: 1 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 2A3, Canada

Phone: +1 844-307-4644


As you walk through the immersive experience, it’s not just about watching – it’s about interacting. As you walk, the leaves on the floor move aside, almost as if they’re parting just for you.

And if you’re a Disney movie fanatic, get ready to have your mind blown. They’ve got two massive showrooms where they’re playing all sorts of Disney songs and clips.

Where to Shop near the Lighthouse Immersive in Toronto


Address: 320 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M6G 1H1, Canada

Phone: +1 647-341-0394


Curiosa is like stepping into a magical wonderland! This shop is filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies, and everything is so nicely organized. 

From stylish books to souvenirs that’ll delight any Potterhead, they’ve got it all. But here’s the best part – the store itself is like something out of a 19th-century curio shop. It’s got that old-world charm that just adds to the whole experience. 

Canadian Naturalist

Address: 220 Yonge St H010, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1, Canada

Phone: +1 416-581-0044


You’ve gotta check out Canadian Naturalist if you’re looking for some quintessentially Canadian and Toronto souvenirs. They’ve got everything from maple syrup to clothes and all sorts of other cute trinkets.

It’s seriously the perfect spot to pick up some gifts for your friends and family back home.


Address: 220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1, Canada

Phone: +1 416-591-3622


Indigo is like a dream come true for book lovers, nestled right in the heart of the bustling city. Inside, their book collection is massive. 

From bestsellers to those hidden gems you never knew you needed, every corner of the store is just waiting to be explored. They also have cozy little reading nooks scattered throughout the store.

Apps to Download for a Trip to the Lighthouse Immersive in Toronto

Toronto Travel Guide: free, Toronto travel guide with more than 14 languages.

iOs | Android

Street Food Toronto: find street food vendors and food trucks that you can sort by distance, popularity, and favorites.

iOs | Android

Ritual: search nearby food joints and allows you to place your order directly in-app and notifies you when it is ready to be picked up. 

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Green P Parking: uses your smartphone’s app to find nearby parking and notifies you a few minutes before your meter expires.

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