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Canada’s Wonderland

Canada's Wonderland

Enjoy the Exhilarating and Wild Rides, Roller Coasters and Slides

Canada’s Wonderland, located just a few minutes north of Toronto in Vaughan, is widely known as the country’s premier amusement park, and with very good reasons.

The park is home to the biggest variety of thrilling roller coasters in North America and has rides and attractions for people of all ages to enjoy.

In fact, the 330-acre theme park, formerly known as Paramount Canada’s Wonderland until 2006, often boasts the highest attendance of any seasonal theme park on the continent thanks to its 68 rides and more than 200 exciting attractions.

If you are planning a trip to Toronto, you will definitely want to make Canada’s Wonderland a part of your itinerary. The theme park is sure to mesmerize you with nearly 200+ different attractions including fun rides of all types, breathtaking roller coasters, a colossal 20-acre water park and lots of exciting live shows and entertainment.

Be prepared to spend the entire day at the Toronto wonderland park and split the day between the thrill rides and water park to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Take a glimpse of the theme park with the help of informative and interesting Canada’s Wonderland Map

Canada's Wonderland - Behemoth

Rides and Attractions at Canada’s Wonderland

For the Kids

Children will be right at home in this Toronto theme park that features attractions for the little ones, the bigger kids, and also those who are eternally young at heart.

KidZville is home to so many fun things for kids to do either alone or with their parents for a day of shared thrills and smiles. Both parents and their kids can ride the Taxi Jam roller coaster or the Chopper Chase, a monorail type ride and everyone will be sure to love the Zoom Zone where kids can ride the very first junior sized inverted roller coaster in all of Canada.

Kids will never have enough of the Ghoster Coaster, a wooden coaster which takes kids over thrilling drops, prickling camel humps and snappy bank curves. Blast Off, Jumpin’ Jet, Flavourator and Swing Time are some of other rides for kids offering great fun and excitement.

Canada's Wonderland - Antique Carrousel

The other major attractions for kids are the leisurely boat ride in Swan Lake, a trip by antique train, flying experience in a miniature hot air balloon.

A number of different characters from television and the movies will be roaming about the park surprising and delighting the youngest of guests. Expect to see old favorites like The Flintstones and Scooby Doo and some newer ones such as Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants.

One of the latest attractions at the theme park is Planet Snoopy, a great section for children of all ages to enjoy but especially the younger kids. Everyone in the family will be welcomed by Charlie Brown and his whole gang as you explore three new rides. Also be sure to catch the live show ‘Snoopy Rocks! On Ice’.

Now that you know that Canada’s Wonderland has plenty for the kids to do, what about the grownups who are looking for something a bit more thrilling and memorable?

The Thrill Rides

Are you looking for the thrill of your life? Then you have certainly come to the right place as you will find a mind boggling variety of roller coasters at Canada’s Wonderland. Just for starters, there are rides like the Drop Tower that will take you 23 stories in the air before dropping you 100 km/hr to the ground below.

Canada's Wonderland - Drop Tower

The Behemoth is one of the latest additions to the park’s collection of roller coasters and this is one ride that is not for the faint of heart. After climbing 230 feet in the air, the open-air seating Behemoth terrorizes riders with a 75 degree drop, seven other extreme drops, and speeds of 125 kilometres in less than four seconds making it the longest, tallest, and fastest coaster in Canada.

Want to have experience of skydiving? Check out the Xtreme Skyflyer, Canada’s largest free-fall swing. Experience a 170-feet power flight that takes you through an awe-inspiring pendulum swing at the remarkable speed of more than 100km/hr.

Canada's Wonderland - Xtreme Skyflyer

If you are looking for a ride to exercise your lung power and test your bravery, then you will want to pay a visit to Vortex, the first suspended roller coaster in Canada, the SkyRider, a stand-up coaster with incredible curves as well as Top Gun, an inverted coaster with heart stopping loops.

Canada's Wonderland - Skyrider

Also check out The Bat, a roller coaster with a rather intense corkscrew design that inverts riders over and over again, or Dragon Fire, which makes two full 360 degree loops sending you skyrocketing into space.

Canada's Wonderland - The Bat

Take an exhilarating flight of Flight Deck, a fully open cockpit jet coaster and enjoy several vertical climbs, barrel rolls, and inverted wing loopovers at an amazing speed of 90km/h. Dare to ride the Mighty Canadian Minebuster which holds the distinction of being the longest wooden roller coaster in Canada at 4,000 feet and provides breath-taking turns, drops and humps.

You will also be thrilled by the monstrous and ominous Sledge Hammer, the most powerful pendulum on the planet – Psyclone and Jet Scream, a looping starship which offers matchless moments of zero gravity.

Canada's Wonderland - Sledge Hammer

Perhaps the theme park’s most recognizable attraction would have to be Wonder Mountain, an enormous man-made structure that you will spot before even entering the park and you won’t want to miss seeing it up close.

Canada's Wonderland - Wonder Mountain

Towering high above the Park, WindSeeker ascends 301 feet (91.7M) and spread its metal arms, swinging riders at a 45-degree angle at speeds up to 50 km/hr. The ride provides riders with a sensational feeling of weightlessness as their feet dangle at heights never experienced before at Wonderland.

Canada's Wonderland - WindSeeker

Canada’s Wonderland has history of adding something new and exciting every year since its opening in 1981. Continuing its tradition, the year 2019 is going to witness addition of one more thrilling roller coaster – Leviathan, the tallest and fastest coaster at Canada’s Wonderland.

At 306 feet (93.27M) this is the tallest ride in the Park – towering 76 feet (23.2M) taller than Behemoth, and 5 feet (1.52M) taller than WindSeeker. Riders will be dropped from 306 feet (93.27M) at an 80 degree angle; travelling over 5486 feet (1672.1M) of track at speeds reaching 148km/hour.

Family Rides

The whole family will enjoy a trip back in time with a ride on the park’s Antique Carrousel. At more than one hundred years old the carousel is a sight to behold with its hand carved horses lovingly crafted so long ago.

For something a bit faster, head over to the Spinovator which will send the family into a dizzying frenzy of laughter. You’ll also find plenty of thrills at the Speed City Raceway where young and old can manoeuvre their own cars around the raceway avoiding opponents and navigating hairpin curves. Or, if you dare, board the giant pirate ship The Rage and prepare yourself for the stormy weather ahead.

Before you even get to the Splash Works section of the park you’ll get wet riding the White Water Canyon ride that will take you through raging rapids full of precarious twists and turns through dark caves and waters peppered with sharp rocks looming above the surface.

Timberwolf Falls is yet another water ride for everyone to enjoy where riders are taken on an incredible adventure down a racing river.

Splash Works Water Park

Canada's Wonderland - Splash Works Water Park

Twenty glorious acres with more than two million gallons of warm water await you at Splash Works which houses White Water Bay, Canada’s largest outdoor wave pool, along with an interactive play station called The Pump House that includes waterfalls, plenty of fun water activities, rotating water jets and the biggest bucket you’ve ever seen that spills more than one thousand gallons of water on guests.

There are also 16 different slides to choose from including The Plunge which lifts passengers in three-seater rafts 50 feet in the air before plunging them straight down, Splash Island Waterways – an interactive tube slide, The Black Hole – a four-storey speed slide and Whirl Winds – a two intertwining tube slides.

The Riptide Racer pits eight riders against one another as they each vie for first place while the Barracuda Blaster will leave you soaked and breathless. Or, if the rest of the park has you worn out, relax by gently floating down a Lazy River on your own raft. And parents will also love that the price of admission to Splash Works is included with the price for admission into the park.

Live Shows

After you’ve dried off, unforgettable live shows are also one of the very best attractions at Canada’s Wonderland and you will see everything from spectacular stunt shows to fireworks displays to musicals that will have you and the kids up and on your feet with the rest of the crowd.

Enjoy amazing competitive dives from sixty-six feet off Victoria Falls to the base of Wonder Mountain. The Victoria Falls High Divers shows are scheduled for several daily performances.

Refreshment at the Canada’s Wonderland

Canada's Wonderland - You Go Grill

After action-packed beginning of the day at the park, it’s time for well deserve energy boost for your subsequent adventure. And you won’t be disappointed by the variety of food options at the park.

Canada’s Wonderland offers perfect combination of fun, food and thrill. Whether you are looking for a complete meal, a light snack or a freshly brewed coffee, you will find absolutely no dearth of choices.

Enjoy all-you-can-eat buffet at the swanky Marketplace restaurant or try some burgers, fries and fresh salads at the Coasters. If your kids love pizza, Pizza Pizza serves hot and fresh pizza at three locations.

You can also enjoy the varieties of freshly made subs with your favourite toppings at Mr. Sub. Take a bite of burgers and fries on the move at Thrill Grill and You Go Grill. Stop by at the International cafe, if you want to taste varieties of Japanese and Chinese food.

Canada's Wonderland - FighterTown Funnel Cake

Treat yourself with our well-known funnel cake topped with fresh strawberries and ice cream at the Alphorn, FighterTown & Medieval Funnel. You should not miss this scrumptious dessert. It’s one of my most favourite sweets.

Do you want something cool to beat the summer heat? Dairy Queen offers a great variety of ice-creams. And you won’t miss your favourite Starbucks in the park too. Sip assortment of freshly brewed coffees, lattes and espresso with a bite of tasty pastry.

Are you ready for next round of escapade and excitement?

Shopping at the Canada’s Wonderland

Thrills Are Wonderland is the major shop for souvenirs. You can buy great gifts, plush toys, candy and many other stuff. The Gift Emporium has the best selection of Canada’s Wonderland souvenirs featuring action packed roller coasters and exclusive Ride Warrior and Planet Snoopy gifts.

If you want to buy branded apparel and accessories, check out the Rock Shop. Fun Shoppe offers an assortment of novelty gift items, toys, candy, jewelry, and tee shirts.

Visit the Sweet Shoppe for wide array of goodies like chocolates, beverages, bulk and novelty candy, gourmet candied nuts and other delicious favourites.

Canada’s Wonderland – Downloadable Map

Explore the detailed park map. You can also download it if you want. The map is aboute 6.5MB in size and can be best viewed at 200%. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer for the map.

Canada’s Wonderland – Important Tips

  • To avoid rush and long queues for rides, prefer to visit the park on regular weekdays. Avoid going on weekends, especially long weekends and holidays.
  • Reach at least half an hour before gates open (10am) to get an early entry into the park.
  • Buy your tickets online to avoid the ticket queue.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed from outside. And food prices inside the park are insane and ridiculously high. So I advise you to manage a cooler and bring your own food and enjoy your lunch at the pavilion outside of the park’s gates complete with trees for cozy, shady spots to eat.
  • It’s a massive park with tons of attractions and rides. So at times you may have to run literally to queue up for next ride and save all important time.
  • If you have kids, you should consider renting stroller from Stroller Shop.
  • Bring your swimwear, towels and sunscreen. However, if you forget to do so, you can also buy them from the Splash Surf Shop.

Whether you want a family vacation for everyone or a day full of thrilling memories, Canada’s Wonderland is definitely the place to go. Pack your kids in the car, head to the amusement park and have a blast!

Canada’s Wonderland – Tourist Information

Location: 9580 Jane Street, Vaughan, L6A 1S6

Phone: 905-832-8131

Hours of Operation:

Canada’s Wonderland remains open during summer months. Operating hours are adjusted seasonally.

For 2020 season, the park opens on May 5. The park is open everyday from May 16 to September 2. After that it is open only on weekends until October 31. Gate opens at 10am, with varying closing time. Splash Work Waterpark is open from June 1 to September 2. Please check the operating time on their website.

Best time to visit: June, July and August

Time to spend: Whole day


General Admission (Allows single admission)

Junior/Senior Single Day Admission: Online – $32.99, Gate – $34.99

Regular Single Day Admission: Online – $39.99, Gate – $58.99

Pay Once Visit Twice: $56.99

Season Pass (Allows unlimited admission during the season)

Junior/Senior Season Pass: $66.00

Individual Season Pass: $84.00 (New Pass), $66.00 (Renewals)

2 or more Regular Season Pass: $72.00

Parking Pass: $35.00

Please note that price doesn’t include any taxes. You will be charged 13% HST on the listed price.

Canada’s Wonderland Discount Coupon: Get $6 off on regular admission. Print the coupon and present at the front gate of the park. However, it’s cheap to buy tickets online.

Tip: Your best bet is to buy Pay Once Visit Twice ticket which is valid for any two days during the regular operationg season. It allows you to enjoy and explore the park fully, otherwise, not possible in single day.

You can purchase the tickets online or at the main entrance of the Canada’s wonderland.

Payment Method: Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card (Visa, American Express, Master Card, Diners Club)

Transit and Driving Directions:


TTC bus route 165A operates between York Mills Station and Canada’s Wonderland and brings you directly into the park. York Mills Station is an accessible subway station on Yonge-University-Spadina subway route.

Go Transit:

Go transit runs Wonderland Express Buses regularly from Yorkdale and York Mills subway stations. Schedule operates throughout the day and evening through closing. Take TTC from Union Station to reach either Yorkdale or York Mills station.

York Region Transit:

York Region Transit offers several routes to Canada’s Wonderland. YRT Routes 4 and 20 operate directly into the park. For more YRT route and schedule information, please visit the YRT/Viva website.

Driving Directions:

From Downtown Toronto – Take Gardiner Expressway West and then take the ON-427/Brown’s Line/Sherway Gardens Road exit and and merge onto ON-427 North. Take the exit onto ON-401 East. Take exit 359 to merge onto ON-400 North. Then take Rutherford Rd/Regional Road 73 exit toward east. Turn left at Jane Street and follow the signs for Wonderland.

From the South or West – Take the Queen Elizabeth Way East toward Toronto, Take exit 139 to merge onto ON-427 North toward ON-401.Take the exit onto ON-401 East. Take exit 359 to merge onto ON-400 North. Then take Rutherford Rd/Regional Road 73 exit towards east. Turn left at Jane Street and follow the signs for Wonderland.

From the North – Take Highway 400 Southbound, take Rutherford Rd/Regional Road 73 exit towards east. Turn left at Jane Street and follow the signs for Wonderland.

Parking: Canada’s Wonderland offers ample parking adjacent to the park. Parking for autos and vans costs $15.00 per vehicle. Disabled parking is available. A drop-off and pick-up area is located on the east side of the main parking lot, off of Jane Street between Norwood Avenue and Avro Avenue.

For more information visit