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The Best Shopping Areas in Toronto

The Best Shopping Areas in Toronto

Toronto’s shopping scene boasts diverse districts, each providing a unique experience. For instance, Yorkville is a high-end destination, featuring designer stores and luxury brands just ready to be loved and used.

On the other hand, Kensington Market offers an eclectic, bohemian vibe with vintage shop options to showcase your unique and eclectic taste. Today, we’ll explore all these and more!

Mink Mile

– Media credit: jforestwood

Address: 77 Bloor St W #89, Toronto, ON M5S 1M1, Canada

Operating hours: 

  • Store opening hours vary

Our first destination isn’t a shop but rather a glamorous strip lined with designer boutiques, setting the tone for a day of opulent exploration. 

This is known as the Mink Mile, a world of high-end fashion along the renowned Bloor Street, starting at the intersection of Bloor and Avenue and heading east toward Yonge Street.

The Mink Mile is aptly named for its concentration of elite designers, where luxury brands like Tiffany, Chanel, Gucci, and Hermès invite shoppers to ogle at their exquisite offerings. 

Here, you’ll also find fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prada, Cartier, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Brunello Cucinelli, Christian Louboutin, Coach, Saint Laurent, and the flagship Harry Rosen store with over 4,600 square meters.

Whether you’re indulging in a leisurely browse or making a statement purchase, this upscale stretch is sure to make you feel like the crème de la crème. Oh, and be sure to take a selfie with the Ghost Bike on Bloor Street West.

Pro Tip:
You can also catch midrange options here. Max Mara, Moncler, Brooks Brothers, Roots Canada, Sephora, H&M, Aritzia, and the expansive Eataly, an Italian marketplace, are just some of the more affordable options.

Holt Renfrew Centre

– Media credit: holtrenfrewcentre


Address: 50 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W 3L8, Canada

Contact details: 416-922-2333

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Saturday: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Sunday: 12 PM – 6 PM

As you continue your shopping (or window shopping) sojourn along the illustrious Mink Mile, make your way to the iconic Holt Renfrew Centre, housing the flagship location of the esteemed high-end department store, Holt Renfrew. 

This opulent destination is a true gem, offering a luxurious shopping experience reminiscent of global counterparts like Saks Fifth Avenue in New York or Harrods in London.

The Holt Renfrew Centre spans four floors of sumptuous retail space, showcasing an exquisite collection of renowned brands such as Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, D&G, and Louis Vuitton. 

Feel free to explore at your leisure, allowing the designer labels and exclusive collections to capture your senses. As you navigate the Centre’s expanse, you’ll discover other retailers that make up the luxury and prestige in midtown Toronto.

Pro Tip:
Aritzia, M for Mendocino, and Zara are just a few of the enticing options waiting to be explored within the walls of Holt Renfrew.

Yorkville Village

– Media credit: yorkvillevillage


Address: 55 Avenue Rd Suite 2250, Toronto, ON M5R 3L2, Canada

Contact details: 416-968-8680

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Saturday: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Sunday: 12–5 PM

A leisurely stroll through the chic streets of Yorkville and Cumberland Avenue takes you to the charm of smaller boutiques like Pink Tartan and Kimina Fashion awaits. 

Centrally located, the village is a must-visit destination within the GTA, surrounded by attractions like the Royal Ontario Museum and Gardiner Museum.

Here, be prepared to dive into a world of high-end boutiques, featuring exclusive labels from top Canadian and global fashion designers like Balmain, Yeezy, Isabel Marant, and more. 

Even if you’re not yet in the mood, your taste buds will thank you once you drop by at renowned eateries like Mi’Hito Sushi Laboratory and Freshii, or exercise and recharge at Equinox Fitness. 

Low on groceries? Whole Foods Market caters to those seeking natural and organic food options.

Throughout the year, join in the festivities organized by the Bloor-Yorkville Business Improvement Area (BIA). 

Pro Tip:
Try to experience the Yorkville Village Summer Market, indulge in the annual Holiday Market, and enjoy ongoing events that make Yorkville a prestigious and ever-evolving destination.

The Art Galleries on Bloor-Yorkville

– Media credit: lissgallery


Operating hours: 

  • Store opening hours vary

For those with a penchant for art and culture, Bloor-Yorkville is more than a shopping haven: it’s a vibrant art district. With over 40 art dealers and galleries, this neighborhood caters to art enthusiasts seeking a diverse range of masterpieces.

Looking for some art for a friend or perhaps just for yourself? Liss Gallery has a curated collection of contemporary paintings, photography, sculptures, and limited-edition prints. 

Or you can immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Canadian art at Mayberry Fine Art, showcasing paintings by the renowned Group of Seven and leading artists from across the country.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or an art admirer, Bloor-Yorkville invites you to indulge in its artistic side. Hidden treasures, from classic to modern, will beg for attention as you walk along the dynamic and culturally rich landscape of Yorkville.

Pro Tip:
Look around at the Loch Gallery for some whimsical art or the Ingram Gallery for a mix of contemporary and classical masterpieces.

Distillery District

– Media credit: distilleryto


Address: 55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4, Canada

Contact details: 416-364-1177

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Friday to Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM
  • Sunday: 11 AM – 6 PM

The cobblestone streets await your steps, so head in their direction and you just might find yourself taken back to the rich history of Old Town Toronto, particularly in the captivating Distillery Historic District. 

Presently, the Distillery Historic District, fondly known as the Distillery District, greets visitors with its cobblestones and meticulously restored Victorian industrial architecture. 

Originating in 1832 with the Gooderham & Worts distillery, this area has evolved into a vibrant arts-and-culture hub, hosting galleries, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, distilleries, and craft breweries. 

Here, you can feel the Old World charm and luminous spectacle of the annual Toronto Christmas Market. Or you can explore artwork and crafts by First Nations, Inuit, and Métis artists, showcasing the rich indigenous culture.

Aside from that, there are numerous vendors that shape the district, offering goods from food to textiles. All you have to do is bring yourself to the district and allow its old-world charm to leave with some cherished tokens, tapas, and even some wine!

Pro Tip:
Indulge in the exquisite bean-to-bar truffles, drinking chocolate, spreads, and cookies at SOMA Chocolatemaker. Or better yet, allow yourself to browse the shops randomly as a day won’t be enough to visit them all.

St. Lawrence Market

– Media credit: oldtowntoronto


Address: Toronto, ON M5E 1C3, Canada

Contact details: 416-392-7219

Operating hours: 

  • Closed on Monday
  • Tuesday to Saturday: 7 AM – 5 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM

With over two centuries of history, St. Lawrence Market houses a multitude of vendors, artisans, and merchants. Its architectural charm, blending the 1902 main building with a section of the 1845 Old City Hall, provides a glimpse into Toronto’s rich history. 

Local wines, French baked goods, Greek olive oil, and New Zealand honey showcase the market’s international flair. Artisan shops bring true craftsmanship to the table, featuring jewelry and other handmade delights.

While locals frequent the market for their routine grocery shopping, tourists relish the lively atmosphere and indulgent offerings, such as the renowned peameal bacon sandwich. 

Pro Tip:
Visit Cafe Oro di Napoli for its house-made pasta, Neapolitan-style pizzas, and gelato. Then finish your shopping with some tapa takeouts from Scheffler’s Delicatessen or char siu pork to munch on later.

King Street Design District

– Media credit: kingeastdesign


Address: 258 Adelaide St E Suite 403, Toronto, ON M5A 1N1, Canada

Contact details: 416-410-9242

Operating hours: 

  • Store opening hours vary

Beyond the conventional definitions of shopping, the King East Design District (KEDD) in Old Town Toronto invites us with a unique perspective on design. The vision of KEDD is to lead Canada in contemporary design, art, and culture.

This neighborhood, spanning from Church Street to River Street along King East, is a haven for creativity and contemporary design.

KEDD boasts a rich network of businesses, from furniture design stores to eclectic restaurants, cafes, and shops. 

As you stroll through this creative hub, you may lose yourself in the unique collection of contemporary design and furniture showrooms sourced from across Canada and the world. 

The district’s rapid growth has also spurred the emergence of coffee shops, restaurants, salons, and other local businesses, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere.

Pro Tip:
Returning to King Street, continue your exploration of the Design District with must-stop spots like Calligaris, Design Within Reach, EQ3, and Urban Barn.

Galerie Beauchamp

– Media credit: galeriebeauchamp


Address: 167 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1J4, Canada

Contact details: 416-599-2244

Operating hours: 

  • Opens daily from 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Beyond the culinary delights that line King Street East, a treasure trove of shops awaits your spontaneous exploration. If your taste leans towards the artistic, Galerie Beauchamp is a must-visit. 

This free art gallery offers a curated collection of beautiful Toronto-themed prints and art-inspired wares, inviting you to deep-dive in the city’s creative spirit.

If Madonna’s a culture icon, then snag “Material Girl” by Agnès Robin. 

Abstract cartoonism more your style? Check out Ryan Jester’s “Raph”. 

Pro Tip:
Adjacent to Galerie Beauchamp, you’ll find Wine Rack with an extensive selection of special wines. The friendly staff is always ready to offer advice, ensuring you find the ideal vino to complement your purchased painting preferences.


– Media credit: calligaris_toronto


Address: 147 Tycos Dr #2, Toronto, ON M6B 1W6, Canada

Contact details: 416-504-2959

Operating hours: 

  • Closed on Sunday
  • Monday to Saturday: 10 AM – 6 PM

In the heart of King East, you’ll find Calligaris, which has recently opened its doors to Toronto’s design enthusiasts. This bright and compact showroom boasts signature chic Italian furniture and designs that seamlessly blend elegance with functionality. 

The emphasis on user-friendly Modernism makes it a haven for those seeking imaginative yet practical additions to their homes.

You’ll get to explore a curated selection of dining chairs, tables, and more, designed to effortlessly complement one another. The showroom’s layout simplifies the shopping experience, allowing for personalized design choices. 

For instance, the “Wien” mid-back chair, designed by Lucidi Pevere Design Studio, harmonizes perfectly with the “Omnia” dining table or adds sophistication to the “Baron” dining table with brushed metal legs.

Pro Tip:
One standout feature is the diverse array of console and hall tables. Check the popular pieces like the “New Romance” storage unit, the “Option” console table with a metal base, or the “Zenith” console with a frosted glass top.

Kiosk Design

– Media credit: kioskdesign


Address: 288 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1K4, Canada

Contact details: 416-539-9665

Operating hours: 

  • Closed on Sunday
  • Monday to Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM

Kiosk, the avant-garde furniture haven, calls King and Berkeley in Toronto its new home. A multi-level exhibition of extraordinary design pieces and boundary-pushing decor, the store exudes colorful sterility through a blend of glass, metal, and wood.

You’ll find its new spacious three-floor showroom with its signature stylish and expensive furniture. Each piece, meticulously displayed, invites you to do a slow and careful exploration, almost akin to admiring artwork.

The third floor boasts refined French design pieces, chic yet practical. From dining chairs to bookshelves, each piece at Kiosk serves a dual purpose, seamlessly integrating into homes or becoming a centerpiece for room evolution.

Pro Tip:
Note that capturing this artistic space is best done through window shots, as photography inside is restricted by Kiosk management.

D&E Lake Limited

– Media credit: delakeltd


Address: 239 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1J9, Canada

Contact details: 416-863-9930

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Saturday: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Sunday: 11 AM – 2:30 PM

D&E Lake stands as a specialized haven for old and rare book aficionados. Stepping into this unique bookstore requires a certain mindset, as the atmosphere is intense, and the shelves are laden with dusty gems waiting to transport visitors to another world.

Within the confines of D&E Lake, patrons can delve into an extensive selection of rare books. This one-of-a-kind collection is an excellent hunting ground for those seeking an aged copy of their favorite literary work or looking for a distinctive Toronto souvenir. 

Pro Tip:
If you can’t find the book you’re looking for, ask them if they have any at their Yonge store so you can pick it up there.

I Miss You Vintage Inc.

– Media credit: imissyouvintage


Address: 63 Ossington Ave Unit K, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z2, Canada

Contact details: 416-916-7021

Operating hours: 

  • Closed from Monday to Tuesday
  • Wednesday to Sunday: 12 PM – 6 PM

Now we’re heading to Toronto’s Queen West, a colorful district teeming with cutting-edge boutiques, art galleries, and hip establishments. 

As you venture west, passing bead and textile shops, you’ll reach Bathurst Street, where Queen West’s eclectic charm takes center stage.

Among the strip’s gems is I Miss You Vintage Inc., a higher-end vintage shop curated by Julie Yoo. This shop stands out with its upscale selection of vintage treasures, ranging from the 50s to the present day. 

Unlike traditional vintage stores, the emphasis here is on a more selective collection of high-quality vintage frocks, including esteemed brands like Yves St. Laurent and Christian Dior. 

Browsing through the color-coded sections, you’ll discover cocktail and party dresses from the forties to the sixties, featuring black beaded numbers, silk party dresses, and stylish shifts. 

Pro Tip:
The accessory section is a haven for vintage enthusiasts, with colorful eighties vintage bags, high-heeled shoes, and a selection of Bakelite pins and costume jewelry, perfect for vintage or modern outfits.


– Media credit: ihaveacrushonyoushop


Address: 51 Jefferson Ave Unit #201, Toronto, ON M6K 1Y3, Canada

Contact details: 416-672-0767

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Saturday: 12 PM – 6 PM
  • Sunday: 12 PM – 5 PM

I Have A Crush On You is not your average gift shop. Rather, it’s a whimsical blend of a gift store, gallery, and workshop tucked away in Liberty Village. 

Amy Kwong, the creative mind behind the space, opened its doors to share her love for unique and quirky finds. The store’s name, a playful nod to Kwong’s well-established paper goods and gift company, Smitten Kitten, perfectly encapsulates the vibe. 

From the gold tinsel-covered wall to the typewriter cards providing insights into each product, the store radiates Kwong’s passion for the curated items. 

You just might fall in love with the crush-worthy Smitten Kitten products, including LOUIE Award-winning greeting cards, line one wall. Kwong’s curated selection spans gifts, knick-knacks, books, accessories, and décor items sourced from around the world. 

The store not only invites you to explore its curated treasures but also offers a welcoming space for visitors to hang out in the back while Kwong works. 

Pro Tip:
Among the standout offerings are ID Coasters (wine glass coasters doubling as wine markers) and the Phonekerchief (a signal-blocking accessory for distraction-free moments). 

Demo Soap Studio

– Media credit: demosoap


Address: 171 E Liberty St #123, Toronto, ON M6K 3P6, Canada

Contact details: 416-536-3916

Operating hours: 

  • Closed on Sunday
  • Monday to Saturday: 12 PM – 6 PM

In the creative enclave of Liberty Village, Demo Soap Studio is your go-to for an indulgent experience for the senses. Beyond the mere act of cleansing, this studio takes soap to an art form with products that not only cleanse but also nourish the skin.

Demo Soap Studio is like visiting a pastry shop, where soaps can look like the most delectable desserts. The only giveaway is that the fragrances are often floral although they’re sometimes gourmand. 

Like expert pastry chefs, the dedicated staff caters to your preferences, guiding you to the most suitable products tailored to your liking. 

Demo Soap Studio takes pride in offering an array of soaps, from the fragrant to the unscented, ensuring there’s something for every taste. 

The commitment to high-quality ingredients sets this Liberty Village stalwart apart, promising not just a cleansing ritual but a pampering experience for your skin.

Pro Tip:
For the undecided, just know that their soaps are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. Oh, and make sure to keep curious kids and pets from nibbling on them since some soaps can really fool the eyes!

Fashionably Yours Designer Consignment Boutique

– Media credit: shopfy


Address: 707 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E6, Canada

Contact details: 647-802-9687

Operating hours: 

  • Sunday to Wednesday: 12 PM – 6 PM
  • Thursday to Saturday: 12 PM – 7 PM

Fashionably Yours isn’t just your average consignment store. It’s a couture haven where the unattainable becomes accessible, thanks to an array of coveted brands and designers. 

Opened over a year and a half ago by celebrity stylist and fashion blogger Janet Han, the sore emerged from Han’s abundance of clothing accumulated through her work with notable names like Keshia Chante and Rihanna. 

Unhappy with existing consignment options catering to an older demographic, she decided to create a space that resonated with a more youthful and trendsetting audience.

You’ll find that Fashionably Yours boasts an eclectic range, featuring not only designer names like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Lacroix but also streetwear and funky pieces for both women and men. 

The ever-changing inventory keeps the shopping experience dynamic and filled with surprises.

Pro Tip:
Check out their IG page for updated items like Chanel over-the-knee boots before others snag them from your hands.

Orfus Road Outlets

– Media credit: joubertfoliveira


Address: 53 Orfus Rd, North York, ON M6A 1L7, Canada 

Contact details: 

Operating hours: 

  • Store opening hours vary

On Orfus Road, you’re in for a shopping adventure like no other. Toronto’s go-to spot for outlet stores, this vibrant 600-metre stretch is where tempting sales and slashed prices await your wallets and cards.

As you stroll along this bustling street, you’ll discover that while it takes just 12 minutes to get there, but many turn a simple visit into a weekend tradition. 

The proximity to Yorkdale, a mere two-minute drive away, makes resisting Orfus Road’s bargains nearly impossible. 

For instance, Marche Istanbul is a Turkish grocery store that stands out with its wide selection of hard-to-find condiments, snacks, and traditional Turkish teapots. Who can resist taking a bit of their art home?

Next door, the Grande Cheese Factory Outlet invites turophiles with over 40 types of cheese, a sensory experience indeed as the scent of pungent cheese wafts through the air upon entry.

As you continue westward, keep an eye out for the prevalent “50 percent off” signs that signal the heart of Orfus Road. Plaza 39 is home to well-known outlets like Jessica Nail, Nygard, and Nine West, offering you deals on popular brand names.

You’ll find that Le Chateau, Ardene, Ducati Shoes, and more await, drawing bargain hunters like yourself seeking discounted fashion. Just don’t forget to stick to your budget!

Pro Tip:
Designer Fragrances Depot stands out for its incredibly low prices, though the shopping experience may resemble sorting through a chaotic but budget-friendly treasure trove.

Yorkdale Mall

– Media credit: yorkdalestyle


Address: 3401 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6A 2T9, Canada

Contact details: 416-789-3261

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Saturday: 10 AM – 9 PM
  • Sunday: 11 AM – 7 PM

Yorkdale stands tall as Toronto’s unrivaled haven for luxury shopping, nestled in North York and accessible via a convenient half-hour subway ride from downtown Toronto. 

You’ll find that this retail paradise caters to diverse tastes, featuring a curated collection of high-end designer stores alongside accessible and mid-range brands, making it a shopping destination for a broad spectrum of shoppers.

For those with an affinity for haute couture, Yorkdale showcases esteemed designer labels such as Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and Saint Laurent. 

The mall also boasts an array of affordable and mid-range brands, including the stylish offerings of Aritzia, Mejuri, and Reformation.

If you’re into active lifestyles, you can explore top-notch activewear and outdoor wear at stores like Arc’teryx, Alo, and Athleta.

Pro Tip:
Yorkdale also offers an array of choices in home decor and technology with an exclusive lineup featuring first-in-Canada global prestige brands.

CF Shops at Don Mills

– Media credit: cfshopsdonmills


Address: 1090 Don Mills Rd., Toronto, ON M3C 3R6, Canada

Contact details: 416-447-6087

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Wednesday: 10 AM – 7 PM
  • Thursday to Friday: 10 AM – 8 PM
  • Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM
  • Sunday: 11 AM – 6 PM

The new mall at The Shops At Don Mills has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of the neighborhood. A go-to destination for contemporary women’s fashion, Aritzia is synonymous with on-trend styles and chic designs. 

Anthropologie is where eclectic and bohemian-inspired designs come to life, and if you’re not careful, you just might spend hours browsing through the new arrivals and discount bins. 

And for those seeking premium leather goods and stylish luggage options, Roots is the answer. Canadian craftsmanship and quality are its main draws as you browse through a selection of leather accessories and travel essentials.

Pro Tip:
Step into Novesa for a journey through the trendiest clothes of the season. Discover fashion-forward pieces that capture the essence of contemporary style.

Courage My Love

– Media credit: cececourage


Address: 14 Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2J7, Canada

Contact details: 416-979-1992

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Saturday: 11:30 AM – 6 PM
  • Sunday: 1 PM – 5 PM

Courage My Love, a longstanding haven for students, bargain hunters, and vintage enthusiasts, has been a go-to destination for finding unique pieces for proms, parties, and themed events. 

The gravitational pull of the famous $5 rack outside the store is legendary. It has become a must-visit for those seeking incredible deals on vintage treasures, creating a bustling energy around the entrance.

The Scriver family’s ownership of 10 percent of a family-run button company in Indonesia explains the store’s impressive collection of reasonably priced buttons. 

Courage My Love stands out for its apparel alterations, including tie-dyed cashmere. 

The store’s diverse selection extends to vintage cashmere sweaters and handmade jewelry. The nooks and crannies of the store are just waiting to be explored as they house anklets in various sizes and oversized, retro earrings. 

The journey culminates at a ” $2 bag bin” with surprise assortments of jewelry and knick-knacks, a perfect reward for the adventurous shopper.

Pro Tip:
Just remember, with a strict no-return policy, finding the perfect fit is key. Other than that, rummage away!


– Media credit: path.toronto


Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Operating hours: 

  • Store opening hours vary

The PATH spans a staggering 130 km, creating an underground labyrinth connecting commercial buildings, the subway system, and major tourist attractions. 

However, you’ll need to understand the color-coded system to navigate the complex network efficiently. Once decoded, it transforms the PATH into a convenient and enjoyable experience.

With over 1200 shops and restaurants, the PATH is a shopper’s paradise, ranging from high-end brands to local businesses. It holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s longest underground shopping complex.

The PATH seamlessly connects to iconic landmarks, including the Scotiabank Arena, Hockey Hall of Fame, and Ripley’s Aquarium. 

Beyond shopping, the PATH offers personal services, spas, and even a quick massage at places like the Adelaide Spa and Maverick Studio for Men. It caters to the needs of those on the move, including quick bites from grab-and-go options.

Pro Tip:
With numerous shops opening and closing, staying updated is important. The PATH’s official app provides real-time information about the shops, ensuring visitors can plan their shopping spree effectively.