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Toronto CityPASS Discount

Toronto CityPASS Discount

Save up to 45% off Toronto’s 5 Must-see Attractions, Plus Skip Most Ticket Lines

Toronto CityPASS is a key that opens the door of top five Toronto attractions at incredibly discounted rate, allowing you to save almost 45% off combined admission prices.

Essentially, it’s a pocket-sized booklet that contains prepaid admission tickets to some of the must-see Toronto attractions.

With the convenient and cost-effective Toronto CityPASS, you can skip long ticket lines at Toronto’s crowd-pullers and spend more time on the attractions.

Which 5 major attractions are included by CityPASS booklet? From where to buy Toronto CityPASS? Is it worth the money to buy Toronto City PASS? How does it work? Let’s check out everything you must know about this amazing Toronto sightseeing discount pass.

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Toronto CityPASS – Which Attractions are Included?

With 45% savings off combined ticket prices, the CityPASS Toronto offers admission to following five premier attractions of Toronto.

Toronto CityPASS Attraction - CN TowerToronto CityPASS Attraction - Royal Ontario MuseumToronto CityPASS Attraction - Casa LomaToronto CityPASS Attraction - Ontario Science CenterToronto CityPASS Attraction - Toronto Zoo
  • CN Tower is arguably the country’s most celebrated architecture that offers spectacular view of Toronto on a clear day. The 2.5 inch thick Glass Floor provides nerve-wracking experience with street view from 1,122 feet up. Read more interesting information and see amazing pictures of CN Tower.
  • Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) boasts of famous ancient collections in the arts, sciences, world culture and natural history. With newly designed fabulous Crystal and more than 6 million objects in its collection, ROM is a must-see Toronto museum for everyone. Explore the breathtaking artifacts and browse astonishing photos of world-famous Royal Ontario Museum collections.
  • Casa Loma is a European style fascinating castle complete with ornate suites, soaring ceilings and secret passages in marble, wood and stone. Surrounding this unique piece of architecture are five acres of magnificent estate gardens. Read more to enjoy the elegance of Casa Loma.
  • Ontario Science Center (OSC) offers exciting experiences in science and technology with over 800 interactive exhibits. Another draw is IMAX Dome theatre famous for its breathtaking effects. Kids must simply be allowed to see it for its educational contents. Check amazing exhibits of Ontario Science Centre.
  • Toronto Zoo is one of the world’s most famous zoos with over 5,000 animals housed in 700 acres of parkland. There are also play areas, amazing rides and other attractions besides the animals in the zoo. Watch the beautiful animals in their natural habitat at Toronto zoo.

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Toronto CityPASS – How Does it Work?

You can purchase Toronto CityPASS directly at You have option to print the e-ticket/vouchers or order to ship the booklet itself with extra shipping cost (currently shipping is available to Canada, US and UK). The voucher can then be exchanged for the actual booklets with the enclosed tickets at any one of the five above mentioned attractions.

When exchanging a CityPASS e-ticket, you will need to wait in the main line at the first attraction you visit to redeem your CityPASS booklet.

Once your CityPASS booklet is in hand, refer to the front of each ticket for the instructions on where to present your ticket at each attraction and skip the long regular tickets line.

Check the ticket for other information regarding additional fees for certain special activities, exhibitions and other exclusive items.

The booklet also provides you useful tourist information such as transportation information, directions, maps, best time to visit and expert advice on the destinations.

Each Toronto CityPASS is valid for 9 days upon the presentation of the first ticket at the first venue. For example, if you purchased the ticket on January 10 and first used it on January 15, it will be valid until January 23 of the same year. But you have to use the booklets within 12 months from the date of purchase.

CityPASS also offers fantastic savings and great convenience when you visit the most famous attractions in several US cities. If you are planning to travel to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hollywood, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle or Southern California, buy a CityPASS.

Save up to 50% at Top attractions and skip most ticket lines! Valid for generous 9 days!

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Toronto CityPASS – How Much You Can Save? Is it Worth the Money?

Without a doubt, you can save money with this amazing Toronto sightseeing pass. However, how much money you can save, depends entirely on your interest and your energy level.

If you visit any three attractions, you will cover the cost of the CityPASS. And if you visit all of the attractions included in the CityPASS, you will save staggering 45% off full-price admission ticket.

Take a quick glance at the following price comparison table and you will realize how much you can save. No Math Required!

   AttractionsAdult PriceChild PriceNote
 CN Tower32.00 CAD24.00 CADLook Out, Glass Floor, Motion Theatre Ride, Documentary film and more
 Royal Ontario Museum16.00 CAD13.00 CADGeneral Admission
 Casa Loma21.24 CAD12.39 CADGeneral Admission, audio guide and Pellatt film
 Ontario Science Center22.00 CAD13.00 CADGeneral Admission
 Toronto Zoo21-25 CAD12-16 CADGeneral Admission
Total Price:116 CAD78 CADPrice are rounded
+ tax+ tax 
CityPASS Price:64 CAD41 CAD 
+ tax+ tax 

Note: When you buy Toronto CityPASS online, the purchases occur in US dollars, with the price based on Canadian to US dollar conversion rates. 13% HST is applied to all prices.

Now select the spots that you want to visit and add the individual admission price. If this amount is greater than the CityPASS cost, you should consider buying the CityPASS.

So with the assumption that you will be staying for more than 3 days in Toronto, I can definitely say that the amount spent on this Toronto sightseeing pass is worth every penny considering almost $48 CAD and $37 CAD savings on adult and child CityPASS respectively.

And if you take into account the convenience and time saved by skipping long ticket lines at the Toronto hot spots, the CityPASS Toronto offers unbeatable value for money.

May be you still have a question in your mind. Is there any hidden cost involved? Is there any other catch? Nope. The cost benefit stem from the fact that the administrators of the CityPASS have done all the hard work in scooping out the best deals on these top attractions, allowing them to price the Toronto CityPASS at a level that offers fabulous savings for you.

So save 45% on top 5 Toronto attractions by purchasing the Toronto CityPASS.

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Toronto CityPASS – Extra Advantages

The CityPASS Toronto is very popular among tourists because of the many benefits that it provides to the holder. Just to name the most notable of these benefits:

Cost Effective – The accumulated price for the tickets is 58% of the total price had these tickets been purchased on an individual basis.

Avoid ticket lines – The only lines that must be fallen into are those for holders of the CityPASS, which are considerably shorter than regular admission ticket lines. Since you will not be lining up to pay for the tickets, you have more time to enjoy the attractions.

Time saver – Most of the time spent at the attractions will actually be devoted to enjoying them instead of having to stand in line. It also saves time deciding what to do and what to see.

Ease of use – From online purchase to e-ticket redemption and use of booklet, everything is simple, smooth and straightforward.

Long validiy period – With a generous 9-day validity of the booklet, you can plan your itinerary based on your preferences. Plan an exciting weekend or a week-long holiday. However, If you’re planning more than a weekend trip, you can enjoy all the major tourist spots with ample time left to shop, dine, enjoy nail-biting sports events, take in concerts, night life and much more.

If you are planning to explore Toronto’s most popular tourist spots, buying the Toronto CityPASS would be a wise investment even before you come to the city.

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Toronto CityPASS – Customer Reviews

See what travelers have to say about their amazing experience with the CityPASS Toronto.

Read reviews by real travelers!

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Toronto CityPASS Attractions – Driving Direction and Map

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All in all, Toronto CityPASS offers great benefits and it is one of the best way to discover major Toronto attractions. After all, you must see these places at least once while you are visiting Toronto.

Buy your Toronto CityPASS now and start packing!