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Travel to Toronto

Travel to Toronto

By Flight, Train, Coach or Car – Discover the Best Option for You

Travel to Toronto is very convenient and trouble-free with variety of transportation modes at your disposal.

Toronto is the largest city of Canada and one of the top financial centres in the world. As a Canada’s economical and cultural capital, Toronto is well connected by air, road and rail links with rest of the world.

For most of the visitors, the best and easiest (and sometimes the only) option is to take a flight to Toronto.

However, it all depends on your travel funds and your planned itineraries. And off course, the quantum of time you have!

Here I have provided all the basic information on various means by which you can travel to Toronto.

Do explore and research each of the option thoroughly. Take your time and pick the best choice based on your budget and suitability.

Travel to Toronto – The Alternatives For You

  • By Plane – The fastest and most common option for many visitors, but the most expensive too
  • By Train – Perfect for leisure travel, little time-consuming and relatively cheaper
  • By Bus or Coach – Bit lengthy and tedious, cheapest among the all, recommended for short distance travel
  • By Car – Travel at your own time, convenient, flexible and somewhat easy, but avoid long distance driving

Travel to Toronto – By Plane

With increasing number of air carriers (both high-end and low cost) worldwide, providing efficient and timely services, air travel has become very affordable and convenient mode of transportation. Getting to Toronto by plane is no different either. It’s without a doubt the fastest and easiest way to travel to Toronto.

Being the gateway to rest of Canadian cities, Toronto is very well linked to major cities of the world by air. Most of the major airlines operate their flights to Toronto, either directly or through their alliance.

Having virtually hundreds of daily flights to Toronto to choose from, picking the most convenient and cost-effective flight for you and your family is like child’s play. Well almost!

Concerned about the high air-fare? Don’t worry. Many low cost carriers operate cheap flights to Toronto. Here you can find proven tips, methods and travel websites for your cheap flights to Toronto.

Toronto is served by two airports.

Most probably, Lester B. Pearson International Airport (Code: YYZ) would likely to be your landing point in Toronto. Located in the northwest corner of the city, just 30km drive (usually takes 30 to 60 minutes depending on the traffic) from downtown core, it’s the biggest and busiest airport in Canada.

On arrival, you have several options to get to your hotel or downtown Toronto. You may consider a limousine service, rent a car or hire a taxi. Also, there are some cost-effective means like Airport Express Shuttle or public transit. For further information on transportation mode check getting to downtown Toronto from Pearson International Airport.

Toronto City Centre Airport (Code: YTZ) is a tiny airport located on the Toronto Island. This airport handles few short-distance flights operated by Porter Airlines from many cities in eastern Canada and northeast USA.

The major benefit of flying into this airport is that upon landing, you can reach to downtown core in just 15 minutes by a short ferry and shuttle ride.

Travel to Toronto – By Train

Getting to Toronto by train can be a bit costly affair but at the same time it also offers picturesque views. It’s amazingly comfortable and enjoyable journey.

VIA Rail, Canada operates passenger trains on many routes including the busiest Windsor-Quebec City Corridor and transcontinental route from Toronto to Vancouver. The Windsor-Quebec City Corridor covers Windsor, Sarnia, London, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City and offers direct train services to Toronto.

America’s Amtrak rail company along with VIA Rail jointly provides daily train service between Toronto and New York via Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Albany.

These train services bring passengers at the Union Station in downtown Toronto, which is Toronto’s main rail hub.

For further information on train routes, fares and schedules check Train to Toronto.

Travel to Toronto – By Bus or Coach

The most inexpensive way of getting to Toronto is to take an intercity bus. However, at the same time it’s not quick or comfortable either.  Therefore, for long distance travel, personally I don’t suggest this option.

Greyhound offers large number of intercity services from several Canadian cities like Ottawa, London, Windsor, Barrie, Peterborough, Niagara Falls, Kitchener and Guelph. Greyhound also runs daily bus services from New York via Buffalo, Rochester and Chicago via London, Windsor and Detroit.

Coach Canada provides bus services from Toronto to Montreal and New York City.

The main bus terminal is known as Metro Toronto Coach Terminal and is located at 610, Bay Street.

For further information on bus routes, fares and bus carriers visit Bus to Toronto.

Travel to Toronto – By Car

Travelling to Toronto by car has its own pros and cons. While it gives you freedom to travel at your own time, sometimes driving becomes literally headache.

Major highways leading to Toronto are the Queen Elizabeth Way, 401, 427, 407, 400, 404 and Gardiner Expressway.

If you’re coming from US, there are several options for crossing the borders. The nearest border crossings are at Windsor in south and Niagara Falls, Fort Erie in south-east.

You may consider driving your own vehicle or renting a car. But in either case, don’t forget to bring your driver’s licence!

For further details on highways, driving instructions and border crossing check driving to Toronto.

No matter what option you choose for your travel to Toronto, I wish you a safe, comfortable and pleasant journey.

Bon Voyage!