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The 10 Best Speakeasies in Toronto

The 10 Best Speakeasies in Toronto

Hey, ever wonder about the hidden side of Toronto’s nightlife? Well, a bunch of speakeasies and hush-hush bars have popped up in the city, ready to cater to the discreet cocktail crowd. 

These places are like hidden treasures, but don’t worry—we’ve got the inside scoop. So, get ready to explore the best speakeasies in Toronto and let the covert sipping begin!


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Address: 503 College St, Toronto, ON M6J 2J3

Contact details: +1 416-516-2539

Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday: 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM


Nestled above the popular College St. eatery DaiLo, this hidden gem is the perfect spot for some post-dinner cocktails. With a secretive vibe, they serve up creative drinks and tasty Asian-inspired snacks courtesy of renowned Chef Nick Liu – including his famous Big Mac Bao. 

And let us tell you, their gourmet food is top-notch, and the service is impeccable! This is the place to be, especially if you fancy a more laid-back and spacious speakeasy experience.

With an intimate vibe – it’s ideal for one-on-one meals or hanging out with a small group. And here’s the insider tip: if you spot those red lights in the stairwell, the party’s still going strong, so head on up and get ready for a fantastic time!

Pro tips:

Check out their unique drink selection – it’s a real treat! And if you’re into sweet sips, don’t pass up on their “Notice me, Sasuke” with green tea vodka, strawberry peach soju, Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori, and a hint of lime.  

They officially open at 9 PM, but don’t fret about the midnight closing time – they often stay open well past that, sometimes until 2 AM! Just keep an eye out for the red lights in the stairwell to see if they’re still serving up drinks and good times. 

À Toi

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Address: B1 – 214 King St. W, Toronto, ON

Contact details:  416 408 4044; [email protected] 

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM


Imagine this: hidden behind a wall of champagne at Coffee, Oysters, and Champagne is À Toi, a speakeasy that oozes the vintage allure of a Parisian lobby bar straight out of the roaring ’20s. It’s the go-to spot for Toronto’s stylish crowd on King West looking for some classy cocktails. 

Once you step through the door, you’ll be whisked away to a place that feels almost forbidden, with a separate menu waiting to be savoured. Now, here’s the twist: their service might seem a bit unconventional if you’re not used to it, but trust me, it’s all part of the À Toi experience. 

And to add to the mystery, they’ve got specific spots where you’re allowed to snap photos, keeping the speakeasy vibe alive and kicking. Get ready for a bit of a shock when you walk through those doors!

Pro tips:

Heads up – they save most of their seats for walk-ins, but if you’ve got a big crew of 8 or more, you can shoot them an email to snag a reservation.

If you’re heading over on a busy night, try to get there on the early side to snag a seat more easily.

Mahjong Bar

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Address: 478 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1L7

Contact details: 1276 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1X7

Opening hours: Wednesday: 8:00 PM – 12:00 AM; Thursday to Saturday: 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM


Check out Mahjong Bar – it’s a dining and drinking hideaway that’s totally worth discovering. You’ll find this speakeasy behind an unassuming pink bodega, and once you step inside, get ready for a spacious setup, Asian-inspired cocktails, and all our favourite beers and wines.

Also, they’ve got some seriously delicious dishes like bang bang shrimp, Taiwanese pork belly, spicy beef skewers, and more. Plus, as the night goes on, the back area turns into a dance floor! 

With its dark, mysterious ambiance and those sultry red lights, you’ll feel like you’re part of something special – and their outstanding service definitely adds to the experience. Oh, and did we mention they give out free shots for birthday celebrations?

Pro tips:

If you’re planning to swing by on Fridays or weekends, make sure to come in early – the place fills up quickly.

Hey, just a heads-up for those who prefer a more laid-back vibe: later in the night, the bar transforms into more of a club scene.

The Vatican Gift Shop

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Address: 1047 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1Z7

Contact details: +1 416-462-2682

Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday: 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM


Behind the facade of a religious merch store lies this hidden gem of a speakeasy, offering just the dimly-lit ambiance you’ve been craving. Inside, you’re greeted with a spacious room where hand-tossed Neapolitan-style pizza, house-made cocktails, wines, and local beers await.

But don’t judge a book by its cover—this spot isn’t all about old and rusty vibes. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by some fantastic DJs spinning tunes, setting the perfect mood for a lively night out. 

And on certain evenings, the crowd is as diverse as it gets, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. It’s the ultimate destination to unwind, indulge in delicious fare, and soak in those good vibes.  

Pro tips:

Their nights can get quite crowded. If you’re hoping for a cozy spot, it’s a good call to snag a reservation in advance. 

They’ve always got something fun lined up with different night events happening every now and then, and you can usually catch the details on their Instagram.

The Gift Shop

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Address: 89-B Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z2

Contact details: +1 416-546-5432

Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday: 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM; Thursday to Saturday: 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM; Sunday: 10:30 AM – 1:00 AM


Let’s dive into this cool spot – a cocktail den and lounge hidden behind a barbershop. It’s the perfect place to shake things up with some adventurous cocktails! The Gift Shop is all about serving up whisky and cocktails in a cozy atmosphere.

Now, here’s the fun part: amidst all the action on Ossington St., keep an eye out for a green light outside what looks like a closed barber shop. Sneak in, follow the narrow doorway to the back, and voilà – you’ll discover this tiny, magical cocktail bar!

We suggest you arrive early to snag a spot and don’t forget to say hi to the mannequin at the front of the store. Who knows, after a few drinks in, you might just be inspired to make that bold hair change you’ve been dreaming of!

Pro tip:

If you’re thinking of hitting the spot on a Friday or Saturday night, brace yourself for a waiting list that might stretch out to a solid one and a half to two hours.

Bar Bowie

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Address: 180R Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z7

Contact details: +1 647-705-7880

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM


Tucked beneath a laundromat, it’s a bit of a mission to find, but trust us, it’s worth the hunt. Once you navigate through a back alleyway, swing open a door, and descend the stairs, you’ll step into Bar Bowie’s cozy interior.

Think mirrored ceilings, dim lighting, and a vibe that just screams: “Let’s chill.” It’s the perfect spot to unwind with friends over some tasty cocktails and light bites while grooving to good tunes and soaking up the lively atmosphere.

For sips and eats – they offer trusty favourites like Stella Artois and a house Bowie lager, along with a diverse wine selection. Their food menu offers bar snacks and small plates priced from $8 to $15, with classics like charcuterie boards and garlic prawns – perfect for a laid-back hangout!

Pro tips:

Just a heads-up: don’t expect any arrows guiding you to the bar – all you’ll spot is a quirky pink neon sign featuring a chef-looking mouse sporting a blue bowtie down an alley at the back of the building.

Make sure you don’t pass up on their martini game, especially the Bowie Martini – it’s a crowd-pleaser for a reason.

after seven

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Address: 99 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1S1

Contact details: +1 416-947-7000

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM


After Seven is this sneaky spot hidden within Kome Yogurt, a low-key yogurt drink joint tucked away on a side street. As for the entrance, it’s cleverly camouflaged with a lineup of takeout yogurt bottles at the front.

To crack the code, just ask the barista for a #8, and they’ll whisk you right in. Or, embark on a mini adventure – some nearby restaurants randomly dish out tokens that grant access to this secret hideaway. 

As for the menu, expect a whisky wonderland featuring Japanese specialties and Canadian classics like J.P. Wiser’s and Forty Creek. But here’s the scoop: it’s first come, first served for seating, so hop on this secret rendezvous pronto!

Pro tip:

If you’re planning to roll in with a crew of up to 5, you can snag online reservations on OpenTable. Just a heads-up, bookings open up 2 weeks in advance, so mark those calendars.

Bar Dem

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Address: Behind Dzo Viet Eatery, 308 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G4

Contact details: Instagram: @bardemto

Opening hours: Thursday: 5:00 PM – late; Friday to Saturday: 10:00 PM – late


If you’re up for Vietnamese-inspired cocktails, Bar Dem is the spot to be! By day, it’s part of the main-floor eatery, but come Thursday through Saturday nights from 10 p.m., keep an eye out for a glowing red lantern in the alley – that’s your cue for speakeasy mode.

Weekends are lit, with a DJ spinning tunes, plus there’s a lineup of monthly events like stand-up comedy shows and drag brunches. As for drinks, Bar Đêm’s got you covered with a creative lineup of signature cocktails, including a must-try Viet-coffee-inspired espresso martini.

And hey, their food game is on point, too! Picture this: a charcuterie board that’s basically a deconstructed banh mi, tacos inspired by chicken vermicelli bowls, and Sriracha wings that are downright addictive with crispy shallots on top—perfect, right?

Pro tip:

They host night events now and then, and they usually announce them on their Instagram. So, if you’re keen to stay in the loop, give them a follow!

XXX Bar 

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Address: 102 Portland St, Toronto, ON M5V 2N2

Contact details: [email protected] 

Opening hours: Thursday to Saturday: 7:00 PM – 1:00 AM


Hidden beneath Little Sister on Portland Street, XXX Bar brings sultry Canal Street vibes and top-notch cocktails. Named after the Amsterdam Coat of Arms, this discreet spot promises an evening filled with daring flavours and creative concoctions. 

To gain entry, simply request a playing card from the Little Sister staff, then follow the neon XXX sign down the winding stairs. As you descend, get ready to step into a cocktail enthusiast’s dream! 

With a menu designed to satisfy late-night cravings, paired with intricate cocktails, XXX Bar offers an experience that’s both indulgent and classy. So, gather your friends and prepare for a night of memorable sips and bites!  

Pro tip:

Once you’ve got your playing card, just flash it in front of this little window with a sliding panel – consider it your secret password to get in!

Cry Baby Gallery

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Address: 1468 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1Y6

Contact details: [email protected] 

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM; Sunday: 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM


You’ll stumble upon Cry Baby Gallery behind an art gallery on Dundas West – it’s a moody cocktail bar with a cool industrial vibe. Think dim lighting and a single Tiffany lamp casting a warm glow over the wood bar. 

They’re all about crafty drinks with house-made infusions that could easily compete with the street-style art curated by Mony Zakhour. 

And when it comes to grub, they keep it simple but satisfying with olives and East Coast oysters – just make sure you grab dinner beforehand!

Pro tips:

Just so you know, their cocktail bar works on a first-come, first-served basis, so no need to stress about making reservations – they don’t accept them! 

For those interested, they’re open to full venue buyouts and brand activations. Just reach out to them if you’re looking to host a private event or collaborate on a brand activation.