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Toronto Amusement Parks and Theme Parks

Toronto Amusement Parks and Theme Parks

Best Spots for Thrill-seekers

Looking for a wild and exciting adventure in Toronto? Visit top Toronto amusement parks and have a blast!

Take a ride on Canada’s longest and fastest roller coaster, the ‘Behemoth’ at Canada’s Wonderland, or plunge into the ‘Rush River Raft Ride’ at Froster Sock City, Ontario Place, Toronto’s only downtown water park.

Toronto amusement parks are some of the most sought after recreational destinations in summer and great places to enjoy thrilling rides and roller coasters. Some of these Toronto theme parks also feature water park with a large variety of water rides and offer much needed relief to visitors from the sizzling summer heat.

Toronto Amusement Parks - Canada's Wonderland

The parks also offer a wide collection of kids-friendly rides and activities, making them ideal for a great family getaway.

Are you ready for the ride of your life at the action-packed Toronto amusement parks?

Top Toronto Amusement Parks

Canada’s Wonderland

Toronto Amusement Parks - Canada's Wonderland

Spread over 330-acre of land, Canada’s Wonderland is a world-class amusement park situated just a short drive from Toronto.

If you are looking for a real adventurous excursion, Canada’s Wonderland is a must for you with its 200+ attractions including fascinating rides, exhilarating roller coasters, a huge water park, loads of interactive games, live shows and special events.

As you enter the park, a massive man-made Wonder Mountain and fountains galore greet you. In late evening, synchronized lights and music create spectacular sights and sounds with Wonder Mountain in the background.

At Toronto’s best theme park, you will find a massive collection fast-moving rides and roller coasters with heart stopping humps, extreme drops, mindboggling curves and terrorizing turns.

Soak yourself into cool water of Splash Works Water Park on hot summer day. The 20-arce water park features numerous rides, Canada’s largest outdoor wave pool, interactive water play station and a lazy river.

Kids will be right at home in this Toronto amusement park that features impressive array of fun rides for kids of all age. Kids may expect some unexpected guests here – their favourite Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants and Scooby Doo.

The theme park also regularly hosts live shows, musicals and fireworks display to entertain a horde of animated visitors.

For more interesting information, pictures, admission prices, location, hours of operations, map and direction, visit Canada’s Wonderland.

Ontario Place

Toronto Amusement Parks - Ontario Place

Encompassing 96 acres, Ontario Place is downtown Toronto’s leading theme park with wide range of amusing rides and activities.

Located on the shore of picturesque Lake Ontario, just 5 minutes drive from downtown Toronto, this Toronto amusement park is somewhat unique in terms of its design and construction.

You will be surprised to know that it is made up of three artificially built islands. The massive geodesic dome along with five steel and glass pods provide it unique ‘space age’ look from distance.

It features nearly 30 breathtaking rides and attractions, pedal boats and downtown’s only water park with amazing slides.

Ontario Place boasts world’s first permanent IMAX theatre with a screen as big as six storey building. Here you can watch variety of documentary films on various subjects. The Molson Amphitheatre hosts many fabulous music concerts and plays.

It is also a great place to enjoy Canada Day fireworks, Canadian International Air Show and Caribbean Carnival Toronto Parade.

For information, pictures, ticket prices, location, operating hours, map and direction, visit Ontario Place.

Centreville Amusement Park

Toronto Amusement Parks - Centreville Amusement Park

Nestled amid 600 acres of lush green parkland of the Centre Island, Centreville Amusement Park is an old-fashioned theme park inspired by a late 19th century village.

The Toronto amusement park is a popular summer attraction, especially for a family with little kids.

Only accessible by a ferry, this vintage theme park features several antique and unusual rides mostly geared toward kids. They can have fun riding Antique Carousel, Leapin Lily Pad, Twirling Tea Cups, Kiddie Boat and Bumble Bees.

Adults and youths can enjoy thrilling Monster Coaster, wet and wild Log Flume Ride, spinning Barrels of Fun, Sky Ride, Rockin Ferry Ride, Ferris Wheel and scary Hunted Barrel Works. You can take the Swan Ride and enjoy relaxing pedal boating or drive one of the Antique Cars with your kids.

Hop on the tiny train passing through a scenic route which includes two bridges and a tunnel. The train makes complete loop of the Centreville Amusement Park and is a real fun to travel for kids and adults alike.

The park also features a small zoo, miniature golf course, town hall, firehouse, several restaurants and gift shops.

For information, pictures, ticket prices, location, operating hours, map and direction, visit Centreville Amusement Park.

Wild Water Kingdom

Toronto Amusement Parks - Wild Water Kingdom

Wild Water Kingdom is Canada’s biggest water park located just a short drive from Toronto. Spread over 100 acres of land, this wonderful summer hot spot features large number of attractions – both wet and dry.

The breathtaking water slides offer terrific twists, free-fall drops and back-to-back turns. Two of the water slides are 7 storey high and very frightening. Not for faint of heart! If you prefer calm and relaxed experience, there is a lazy river, wave pool and Misty Blue Zone.

The Dolphin Bay Water Playground, Big Tipper and Fun Fountains offer super-soaking fun and are very popular among the kids.

If all of these water rides don’t excite you, check out two 18 holes golf course, climb the Wild Water Wall or enjoy a game of volleyball with friends and family.