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The Top Private Clubs in Toronto Offering Exclusive Membership

The Top Private Clubs in Toronto Offering Exclusive Membership

Secret handshakes, whispered entry words, and hobnobbing with Toronto’s movers and shakers? Getting into private clubs could mean access to a lot of things: business networks, social relationships, and privileges that you can only read or dream about.

Whether you’re bent on getting into one or just curious about which clubs are selective about their members, we’ve covered them just for you. You never know, you just might get into one or more of the exclusive members clubs on our list!

York Club

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Address: 135 St George St, Toronto, ON M5R 2L8, Canada

Contact details: 416-922-3101

Operating hours: 

  • Saturday Open 24 hours
  • Closed on Sunday
  • Monday to Friday: 8 AM – 11 PM

For over a century, The York Club has been leaving its mark on Toronto with a blend of history, traditions, and economic moves all cocooned within the elegant walls of a Romanesque Revival estate smack dab in central Toronto.

When you step into The York Club, it’s like entering a time capsule where tradition and suave attire shake hands. Business attire is the go-to, but here’s the nice thing: they’re all about inclusion. 

So, whether you’re rocking cultural, religious, or military threads, there’s a respectful spot for you.

The ambiance within The York Club is marked by discretion, with electronic devices required to maintain silent composure within the Clubhouse. It’s not just a rule; it’s a commitment to fostering an atmosphere where conversations flow unhindered.

Within the hushed halls and walls of the club, notable Torontian movers and shakers meet to shake hands, exchange ideas, and lay the groundwork for a bigger and better city. 

While The York Club might have originated as a gentleman’s club, it has evolved with the times, welcoming ladies into more active roles, and further enriching its dynamic social position.

Pro Tip:

If you do become a member, turtlenecks, denim skirts or jackets, golf attire, shorts, casual sandals, and athletic shoes are not acceptable. Also, photography and video recording aren’t allowed without permission from the manager. 

The University Club of Toronto

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Address: 380 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1R6, Canada

Contact details: 416-597-1336

Operating hours: 

  • Open daily from 6 AM – 11 PM

Within a cherished heritage building, The University Club of Toronto serves as a haven for members to dine, socialize, and immerse themselves in intellectual or artistic pursuits.

Once a member, you’ll realize that this is where connections are forged, relationships blossom, and friendships stand the test of time. The club is a warm, welcoming, and ever-evolving space for its members and their colleagues, friends, and family.

The University Club transcends its age by serving as a haven for intellectual and artistic endeavors. Attend exhibitions, recitals, or lectures, and you’ll find that the intention isn’t merely to observe, listen, or think. 

Instead, it’s a perfect venue for connecting, confirming, challenging, and collectively discovering truths about yourself and your life.

For members seeking physical well-being, the club features a boutique fitness center. 

It’s a space where planning and hosting shine, from seminars to family parties to formal dinners, to become extensions of the club’s colorful spirit.

The third floor is where overnight accommodations offer more than just a place to rest. Here, artworks from the Group of Seven artists or contemporary visionaries grace the walls. 

As a guest or member, you might just find yourself surrounded by the beauty of these artistic treasures.

Pro Tip:

The club’s Georgian architecture is a beautiful backdrop for wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Private rooms of varying sizes, from intimate to the grand main dining room, are available for members, guests, and non-members alike.

Albany Club

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Address: 91 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1G3, Canada

Contact details: 416-364-5471

Operating hours: 

  • Closed on Saturday to Sunday
  • Monday to Thursday: 9 AM – 10:30 PM
  • Friday: 9 AM – 11:30 PM

Founded in 1882 by staunch supporters of Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s inaugural Prime Minister, the Albany Club stands as a nexus for Canadian Conservatives and influential business leaders. 

Today, it has seamlessly transformed into a distinguished venue in downtown Toronto, where members gather to dine, work, relax, and forge connections in the middle of elegant interiors and timeless architecture.

The Albany Club encourages members to work smart rather than just hard, which is a great mindset. 

Within its hallowed walls, professionals from diverse industries, including law, finance, government relations, and marketing, have been collaborating and contributing to society since the club’s inception.

As you navigate through the Albany Club, you might find yourself in the company of CEOs, former senators, cabinet ministers, and investment bankers, a testament to the caliber of individuals who call this club home. 

And here’s a little insider tip: a polite request might just secure an invitation as a guest or even as a potential member.

The Albany Club unfolds even further to reveal the ‘Pitt Society,’ an exclusive club within the club tailored for members under 35. 

Beyond its chic events like black-tie dinners, rooftop lounges, fireside chats, leadership development, and mentoring programs, the ‘Pitt Society’ is a haven for mentorship and friendships, creating a dynamic space for the next generation of leaders.

Pro Tip:

This club is a popular spot for weddings due to its all-inclusive wedding and event package, so events like these should be best scheduled as early as possible.

The National Club

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Address: 303 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5H 2R1, Canada

Contact details: 416-364-3247

Operating hours: 

  • Closed from Saturday to Sunday
  • Monday to Friday: 7 AM – 10 PM

Rooted in history as the original home of the Canada First Party in 1874, The National Club has evolved into a non-political institution, now prominently located at 303 Bay Street. 

Stepping through its doors lets you in its 50,000-bottle wine cellar, impeccable dining and business facilities, and luxurious guest suites.

Members at The National Club encourage an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation, frequently organizing theme nights that elevate the club experience to new heights. 

Joining this prestigious establishment begins with a recommendation from an existing member, followed by meetings with two esteemed members of the Board of Directors.

The ambiance at The National Club is steeped in tradition with dress codes for formal business attire while permitting business casual. Stray from these guidelines, and you might find yourself declined entry and left standing outside the doors.

Pro Tip:

Membership fees range from $1,625 to $2,850, increasing with age, with initiation fees ranging from $2,500 to $8,500. Note that fees can be subject to change per management decision.


– Media credit: verityonqueen


Address: 111d Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1S2, Canada

Contact details: 416-368-6006

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Friday: 5:30 AM – 10 PM
  • Saturday: 8 AM – 10 PM
  • Sunday: 9 AM – 8 PM

Verity is a private women’s club perfectly done with meticulously designed spaces, spanning over 6,000 square meters. Within its walls, you get meeting rooms, lounges, co-working areas, fitness facilities, spa services, and an array of dining options.

It’s the perfect third space between the office and home, Verity becomes a sanctuary for working, unwinding, and expanding horizons, or simply catching up on life’s moments.

The amenities at Verity include a members’ lounge, conference and private meeting rooms, a business resource center, a library, and co-working areas. It’s not just a club but a multifaceted haven tailored to the needs of its discerning ladies.

For those navigating the fast-paced world, Verity offers a respite from stress with a full-service day spa, fitness facilities, an indoor pool, jacuzzi, steam room, an award-winning restaurant, and even a boutique hotel. 

Plus, if you’ve got groundbreaking questions or challenging puzzles to solve, MasterMIND is an active forum for members that allows professionals to share advice confidentially. It’s like having a panel of experts at your fingertips.

Pro Tip:

Verity also offers diverse social clubs and events ranging from arts and culture to investment, travel, and wine.

Soho House Toronto


Address: Bishop’s Building, 192 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H 0A4, Canada

Contact details: 416-599-7646

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Friday: 8 AM – 12 AM
  • Saturday: 10 AM – 2 AM
  • Sunday: 10 AM – 10 PM

Within the meticulously restored Georgian charm of an 1830s building in Toronto’s historic Bishop’s Block neighborhood lies the Soho House Toronto. It unfolds across three floors, once standing as the city’s few initial hotels.

Now let’s go to the rooftop bar, where panoramic views of downtown and the islands set the stage for an exclusive experience. Here, members enjoy the private restaurant, curated music and events programming, and an eclectic collection of contemporary art. 

Annual memberships open doors to a world of fabulous facilities. These range from a state-of-the-art screening room and fitness center to a serene pool, spa, versatile meeting rooms, elegant ballrooms, and the convenience of valet parking. 

The rooftop bar alone is a compelling reason to join, especially if you’re easily stunned by sunset vistas. Memberships grant access not only to the local Soho House but also to all Soho Houses worldwide, weaving a tapestry of cosmopolitan connections.

Pro Tip:

Membership at Soho House Toronto starts at $438 quarterly and $268.50 for under-27 members, but rates may change from time to time due to club management policies.

The Toronto Club

– Media credit: toronto_past


Address: 107 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1H1, Canada

Contact details: 416-362-2751

The Toronto Club is an institution steeped in legacy since its establishment in 1837. It proudly wears the crown as the oldest private club in Canada and the third oldest in all of North America, a testament to its enduring distinction.

The Toronto Club doesn’t just embrace exclusivity as it extends its reach with limited reciprocal privileges, connecting with a select few distinguished clubs in the United States and Europe. It’s like joining an elite circle without borders.

The clubhouse designed by Frank Darling and S. George Curry in 1888 is a heritage property recognized by the City of Toronto and the Ontario Heritage Foundation. 

Within its walls, secrecy and exclusiveness reign supreme, as only members are granted access to the inner sanctum of the Toronto Club.

The club’s activities remain shrouded in mystery, with its internal workings veiled in discreet elegance. Former members include luminaries like Galen Weston and Fred Eaton, cementing the Toronto Club as a gathering place for the greats. 

Once admitted, you’re not just a member; you’re in the illustrious company of legends.

Membership at the Toronto Club is no ordinary feat as it’s an invitation-only affair. Gender-neutral and embracing diversity, its ranks comprise Canada’s foremost CEOs, business professionals, and community leaders. 

And here’s the intriguing part: the existence of a secret handshake or coded word remains an enigma, adding an extra layer of mystique to the Toronto Club experience.

Pro Tip:

To be considered for membership, an individual must personally know 5 to 10 existing members. If accepted, the initiation fee is a substantial $25,000, with annual fees of $2,500 although the exact figure may differ per management decisions.

The Boulevard Club

– Media credit: boulevardclubto


Address: 1491 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 3C2, Canada

Contact details: 416-532-3341

Operating hours: 

  • Open daily from 6 AM – 11 PM

Through a century of refined excellence, The Boulevard Club is where time-honored traditions, impeccable service, and top-notch athletics programs have been the pillars of distinction.

Nestled as a waterfront oasis on the serene Lake Ontario, this club is more than an institution. It’s a living landmark, a testament to a rich history that stretches over the waters. 

Once you step into the fold as a member, a world of privileges unfolds, featuring a full-service marina, multiple dining enclaves, and breathtaking venues tailor-made for weddings and events.

Membership at The Boulevard Club is not just about access, it’s about embracing a lifestyle. Imagine opportunities to golf, ski, and enjoy exclusive reciprocal club privileges that span the globe. 

As the solitary lakefront multi-sport facility in Downtown/West Toronto, it stands as a beacon for exceptional athletics programs catering to diverse ages and abilities.

From water sports to outdoor swimming, sailing events, and lessons, The Boulevard Club is your playground. 

The opulent experience extends to the waterfront with a full-service marina, complete with spacious docks and the luxury of dockside food and beverage delivery. 

But that’s not all! Lucky members are treated to perks such as expedited access to Club facilities and exclusive invitations to social events, ensuring the perfect blend of leisure and privilege.

Pro Tip:

A lifetime membership at The Boulevard Club starts at $31,000 (plus taxes), with monthly dues beginning at $293, providing continuous access to athletics programming, facilities, and social events. Note that fees may change per club rules.

Sher Club

– Media credit: ninjachef


Address: 40 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5J 2X2, Canada

Contact details: 416-815-5500

Find new heights at The Sher Club, nestled on the second level of the ACC, and behold Drake’s exclusive members-only enclave. It’s a rendezvous for tastemakers, accessible only through a coveted invitation that comes with an annual price tag of around $7,000.

Entry isn’t for the faint of heart, as exclusive invitations are a rare commodity, handpicked by a select few approved by an MLSE executive committee. 

The elite black-and-gold card, limited to about 100 fortunate individuals, allows you to bring one guest per visit, subject to capacity constraints.

Paying homage to Drake’s maternal grandparents, Reuben and Evelyn Sher, the club exudes Gothic Vegas vibes. 

It’s designed by the renowned Ferris Rafauli, known for opulent estates in Oakville. Lose yourself in sensory ambient delight with red velvet, cowhide, leather, exotic wood, marble, and bronze throughout.

The nearly 400-square-metre Sher Club was transformed and carved out of a former MLSE employee cafeteria. The patio offers views of Gate 1 and hosts the exclusive Sher Club photo booth, the sole sanctuary where photos and selfies are allowed.

Just navigate the club cautiously, for strict rules shroud autographs and photos, even discreet selfies. Vigilant bouncers are ready to issue a stern talking-to to violators and they just might get their invite revoked faster than Drake’s rap verses.

Now let’s enter the inner sanctum, the Champagne Room. It’s Drake’s private retreat adorned with white leather, mirrors, a colossal TV, and a breathtaking display of 66 bottles of Dom Pérignon on the walls. 

For the ultra-VIPs, the Champagne Room can be reserved in Drake’s absence.

Looking for one more stop before you go? The OVO-themed restrooms, where black toilets and marble floors contrast with golden faucets, mirror frames, and sconces, await you as a member and yes, the pun was intended.

Pro Tip:

The club’s menu offers complimentary snacks, while drinks are available through bottle service and range from $70 for a 2013 Tiefenbrunner pinot grigio to $3,750 for a bottle of Rémy Martin Louis XIII cognac.

Royal Canadian Yacht Club: RCYC

– Media credit: rcyctoronto


Address: 141 St. George Street Toronto, ON, M5R 2L8

Contact details: 416-967-7245

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Friday: 6 AM – 12 AM
  • Saturday: 7 AM – 12 AM
  • Sunday: 7 AM – 10 PM

Sail into the world of exclusivity at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC), recognized as one of Canada’s premier private clubs. Imagine having not one, but two stunning clubhouses with one nestled in the heart of the city and the other on the Toronto Islands.

Within this inclusive community, meet a tribe of passionate sailors and like-minded enthusiasts with a shared love for yachting, sports, and tradition. 

The RCYC is a hub that thrives on promoting competitive sailing, not to mention other sports like squash, badminton, tennis, and lawn bowling.

It also has a reputation for nurturing world-class athletes and hosting prestigious regattas. Picture this: the 2015 Pan American Games Sailing Competitions, the 2016 8 Metre World Cup, and the 2016 & 2021 Canada’s Cup are all under the RCYC banner.

The RCYC goes beyond the waves, offering family-oriented programming and upscale dining experiences. Imagine indulging in these luxuries at its newly renovated Island and City Clubhouses, where the perfect blend of elegance and community spirit mix.

Pro Tip:

Joining RCYC involves two main costs: an initiation fee and annual dues, which vary based on membership type and whether it’s for an individual or family. The one-time initiation fee is $21,000 for a family membership and $16,000 for an individual. 

Annual dues, covering facility maintenance and member benefits, amount to $2,792 for a family and $2,279 for an individual. Note that fees can be subject to change depending on RCYC policies.

The Granite Club

– Media credit: graniteclub


Address: 2350 Bayview Ave, North York, ON M2L 1E4, Canada

Contact details: 416-449-8713

Operating hours: 

  • Monday to Friday: 5 AM – 11:30 PM
  • Saturday to Sunday: 6 AM – 11:30 PM

Let’s travel back to 1836 for a second, where the Granite Club’s story begins. Originally an “uptown” curling spot with legendary members like Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Edmund Osler, and J.D. Edgar, it laid the foundation for Torontian tradition and family.

Fast forward to 1925, and the club undergoes a transformation, relocating to St. Clair Avenue West to accommodate a growing membership and changing recreational tastes. It quickly expanded into badminton, bowling, swimming, squash, and more. 

Today, the Granite Club calls Bayview Avenue home, seamlessly blending its rich history with modern facilities. It’s not just a place but a timeless gathering spot for families and friends, offering premier amenities and services.

Their state-of-the-art athletic center is a stage that has hosted Olympians and world champions. From cardio and weight machines to massage tables, active therapy clinics, and Stott Pilates Reformers, it’s a fitness haven for the health-focused.

And guess what? A team of 24 personal trainers is on standby for personalized fitness assessments if you’re looking for better biometrics.

Pro Tip:

Membership fees at the Granite Club vary, and for individuals aged 16 to 29, entrance fees typically range from $19,800 to $44,500. Annual dues, starting from July 1, 2023, fall between $536 and $1,351.

Rosedale Golf Club

– Media credit: ptakeda


Address: 1901 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4N 2W3, Canada

Contact details: 416-485-9321

Established in the golfing golden age of 1893, the Rosedale Golf Club is a piece of golfing history. Boasting a legendary Donald Ross-designed golf course, it’s no wonder this gem is ranked among Canada’s top classic courses by green aficionados.

As a member, brace yourself for exclusive access to a jaw-dropping private event venue with panoramic views of the course. It’s not just a golf club but a VIP pass to breathtaking experiences.

Fancy a cozy dinner, dreamy wedding, or a private shindig? The Club House is your go-to spot with its charming ambiance and perfect setting for all things intimate. 

Just remember, this exclusive perk is strictly for the members’ eyes only.

Now, about the vibe: every classy joint has a dress code, right? The Rosedale Golf Club is no exception. 

Think business casual, with a nod to sophistication. Men, grab those collared dress shirts, and ladies please bring your A-game sartorially. 

It’s not just about golf; it’s about you making a stylish statement on and off the green.

Pro Tip:

While a jacket and tie are welcome, they are not mandatory. Golf attire is permitted in specific areas but is subject to limitations.

Toronto Ski Club

– Media credit: torontoskiclub


Address: 796456 Grey Road 19, The Blue Mountains, ON L9Y 0N6

Contact details: 705-445-1890

Operating hours: 

  • Open daily from 8 AM – 5 PM

Into all things wintery and white? Hitting the slopes since the winter wonder days of 1924, the Toronto Ski Club is gearing up for the ultimate centennial bash on October 20th, 2024. 

Tucked away at the North End of Blue Mountain Resorts in the oh-so-charming Town of The Blue Mountains, this ski haven is not just a club. It’s a tight-knit family with only 1,500 members.

Joining the Toronto Ski Club isn’t just about strapping on your skis; it’s about unlocking an exclusive alpine wonderland. Imagine gliding down Ontario’s expansive skiable terrains, all under the guidance of seasoned ski and snowboard maestros. 

Yep, whether you’re a fresh powder rookie or a slope pro, this crew’s got your back. Now, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill ski club as it’s been carving out epic alpine tales for a whopping century! 

Applying to join the crew? It’s like waiting for the golden ticket to the coolest party. But trust us, the historical vibes and that sweet sense of exclusivity are worth every moment of anticipation.

Pro Tip:

Whether you seek to join our Competitive or Recreational Programs, both are delivered by highly certified and experienced professionals in skiing and snowboarding.