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Sweet to the Core: Top Apple Farms near Toronto

Sweet to the Core Top Apple Farms near Toronto

If you’re an apple lover tired of budget-busting prices and mundane supermarkets, it might be time to ditch the city’s bustle for an Ontario orchard odyssey.

Visiting apple farms will satisfy your cravings, plus they offer a slice of the pristine countryside scenery and serenity.

To make your trip a breeze, we’re providing an overview of apple farms near Toronto below. It spills juicy insider tips, apple-picking deals, and more!

Applewood Farm Winery

Address: 55 Saintfield Rd, Sunderland, ON L0C 1H0

Contact Details: (905) 642-4720

Operating Hours:

  • Mon to Tue – Closed
  • Wed to Fri – 10 am to 5 pm
  • Sat to Sun – 9 am to 5 pm

Distance From Toronto: 95 km


With scenic wagon rides, sweet apples, and sprawling greenery, Applewood Farm Winery offers a picturesque and fruitful escape.

Entry ticket here will cost you a tenner, and there are no exceptions for the wee ones above three. As for the apples, you have to pay $35 for a large bag weighing around 20 pounds or $20 for a smaller 10-pound container.

Their top varieties, like McIntosh, Cortland, and Ambrosia, are ripe for picking around September to October. If you can’t wait for these months, you can swing by in late August for their Paula Red—a variant great for making top-notch applesauce.

Tip: Remember, you’ll be charged per bag provided by the farm, so fill the bag to the brim for the best value!

Brooks Farms

Address: 122 Ashworth Rd, Mount Albert, ON L0G 1M0

Contact Details: (905) 473-3246

Operating Hours: Daily – 9 am to 5 pm

Distance From Toronto: 68.3 km


Brooks Farms is a one-stop shop for a farm-tastic escapade. They have PYO apples, squash, and pumpkins paired with a farmer’s market and fall festivities, adding more goodies and fun to the season of changing blooms.

In terms of pricing, the intel for 2024 is still under wraps, but based on their prices last year, expect tags of about 15 bucks for a 5-pound bag of their juicy, sweet, and crisp apples.

Tip: Bring your kiddos. Brooks Farms has Playland, a play zone with farm-themed attractions and games, such as wagon rides, pirate ships, a giant sandbox, and rubber duck races.

Dixie Orchards

Address: 14309 Dixie Rd, Inglewood, ON L7C 2M8

Contact Details: (905) 838-5888

Operating Hours: Daily – 10 am to 5 pm

Distance From Toronto: 56.5 km


Dixie Orchards is a prime destination for a remarkable fruity (fruit picking toronto) and fall fiesta, offering the chance to snag your own apples, dive into a pumpkin patch, and even pluck hazelnuts.

When it comes to the apples, though, expect 20 varieties. Last year’s pricing offered a choice between a 5-pounder at $11.25 or the more generous 10-pounder at $22.50.

In addition, you can take your visit up a notch with a stroll through the corn maze or catch a ride on a wagon that’ll take you on a tour around the whole locale. Just be on the lookout for bees, particularly if you pass by their sunflower fields.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with Dixie’s farm rules by checking their website. You don’t want to be sent home for petting a pig!

Downey’s Strawberry & Apple Farm

Address: 13707 Heart Lake Rd, Inglewood, ON L7C 2K7

Contact Details: (905) 838-4777

Operating Hours: Daily – 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Distance from Toronto: 53.7 km


Downey’s Strawberry & Apple Farm has been an apple empire since the roaring 20s. Locals and tourists love their McIntosh, Gala, and Cortland varieties, all up for grabs from September to October.

Your PYO pricing options here include a 10-pounder bag at $26 (maximum three people per bag) and the bigger 20-pounder at $42 (max five people per bag). There’s also a minimum pick requirement of $8.50 per guest of all ages.

Tip: If you want your visit to be sweeter, drop by during weekends (September to October) for a taste of the farm’s iconic candied apples.

Watson Farms

Address: 2287 Durham Regional Hwy 2, Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K3

Contact Details: (905) 623-9109

Operating Hours: Daily – 9 am to 7 pm

Distance From Toronto: 76.3 km


Watson Farm isn’t just a place to pick apples; it’s also a fruit haven with more options than a buffet. From Gingergold to Honeycrisp, their varieties will put your downtown apple joint to shame.

Adults pay five bucks, kiddos score a deal at $3, and savvy seniors cruise in for free on Mondays and Wednesdays. Once you’re in, go nuts and pick premium apples costing $2.75 per pound, or go big with a 20-pound bag for just $40.

The farm also won’t just toss you into the orchard. Watson has head-turning attractions like a petting zoo, a playground, wagon ride tours, funky photo spots, food trucks, and more.

Tip: You can bring a container or basket. Just ensure the size is clearly marked in litres for easy measurement.

Organics Farm

Address: 7550 19th Ave, Markham, ON L6B 1A8

Contact Details: (905) 640-5206

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon to Fri – 9 am to 6 pm
  • Sat to Sun – 9 am to 5 pm

Distance From Toronto: 49.2 km


Beelining to the eco-friendly Organics Farm is a no-brainer, especially if you want to gobble an apple haul that’s 100% free of harmful chemicals.

The entrance here sets you back 15 bucks, but little ones below the age of three can enter for free. This payment not only grants you entry to the pesticide-free orchard but also throws in a 5-pound bag to fill with apples such as Red Free, Sunrise, and Lobo. 

Tip: Don’t forget to visit their wood-fired bakery and market. It has organic bites that will make you drool, from antibiotic-free meats to fresh bread made daily.

Pine Farms Orchard

Address: 2700 16th Sideroad, King City, ON L7B 1A3

Contact Details: (905) 833-5459

Operating Hours:

  • Mon to Tue – Closed
  • Wed to Sun – 10 am to 5 pm

Distance From Toronto: 60 km


Variety spices up the apple game, and Pine Farms Orchard offers a diverse selection to elevate your apple-picking experience. They feature Melba, Paula Red, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, and more apple types, each with distinct flavour profiles.

The farm’s entrance fees won’t break the bank either. For just seven bucks, adults and kids aged two and up get the golden ticket to their orchard, while seniors 65 and above can go in for just $5.

You also have two PYO options here, with tree-picking setting you back $2.35 per pound. The other is collecting windfalls or apples from the ground (best for cider-making or apple sauces) at $1.50 per pound.

Tip: If the apples aren’t enough to satisfy your taste buds, head to their cafe, just a few steps from the fields. This spot has sandwiches, soups, and beverages to keep you fueled for your fruity escapade.

Archibald’s Orchard & Estate Winery

Address: 6275 Liberty St N, Bowmanville, ON L1C 6L1

Contact Details: (905) 263-2396

Operating Hours: Daily – 10 am to 5 pm

Distance From Toronto: 85.2 km


Picking apples at Archibald’s Orchard & Estate Winery is a fall tradition in Bowmanville. With over 10,000 trees and a staggering 13 apple varieties, it’s hard not to see why locals love popping by here.

Now, here’s the scoop: there’s no entrance fee at this apple farm, but they have a small ask—a minimum purchase of half a bushel or 20 pounds per car. Yup, you read that right: you’ll be paying per car, as the farm follows a drive-in system.

In this system, you’ll be given sheets before driving to their orchard. The sheets will guide you on where and what to pick, and if you go beyond the minimum, you simply have to pay the extra pounds at their checkout counter.

Tip: Archibald celebrates different seasons with exciting events. Know what this family-owned farm is currently cooking by checking their website.

Albion Orchards Apple Farm & Country Market

Address: 14800 Innis Lake Rd, Caledon, ON L7C 2Y8

Contact Details: (905) 584-0354

Operating Hours:

  • Mon – Closed
  • Tue to Fri – 10 am to 6 pm
  • Sat to Sun – 10 am to 5 pm

Distance From Toronto: 56.3 km


With golden pumpkin patches and decade-old trees blossoming with fall colours, Albion Orchards Apple Farm & Country Market is one of the Great White North’s most eye-pleasing PYO apple farms.

Now, in terms of prices, the orchard demands a minimum of 5 pounds per person, and you’ll cough up $20 for a 10-pound bag. Those feeling extra can double up with a 20-pound bag for $40.

Tip: They accept cards, but we suggest bringing cash to avoid longer wait times at the cashier during busy periods. 

Pingle’s Farm Market

Address: 1805 Taunton Rd, Hampton, ON L0B 1J0

Contact Details: (905) 725-6089

Operating Hours: Daily – 9 am to 6 pm

Distance From Toronto: 79.2 km


The 148-acre Pingle’s Farm Market will never run out of apples to sort your cravings—Cortland, Northern Spy, Gala—you name it, they have it.

As for the prices, you can collect 10 pounds of crisp, juicy apples for a steal at just $24 or go for a heavier 20-pound bag for $39.

Don’t forget to take detours, too, as Pingle’s Farm Market isn’t just about apples. This spot attracts locals and tourists alike with pumpkin patches, sunflower fields, and a corn maze that’ll take your Instagram game to the next level.

Tip: You can celebrate your birthday (birthday party ideas toronto) at the farm. Their packages come with several perks, including access to their playland, your personal party host, complimentary train rides, and more.

Chudleigh’s Entertainment Farm

Address: 9528 Regional Rd 25, Milton, ON L9T 2X7

Operating Hours: Daily – 8:30 am to 6 pm

Distance From Toronto: 58.7 km


With over 50 years to its name, the 60-acre Chudleigh’s Entertainment Farm is certainly one of Ontorio’s apple royalties. The farm flexes 18 varieties, and there’s a fitting $18 charge per bag for these sweet and diverse apples.

To enter, adults must pay $16.50, while kids ages four to 13 have to shell out $14.50. On the other hand, seniors 65 and above can get a deal by forking over $15.50.

Beyond the apple trees, you’ll find animal zones brimming with friendly and cuddly critters. Here, you can interact with goats, chickens, pigs, sheep, alpacas, and more.

Tip: Bring your pets. The farm is pet-friendly, but your fur babies should be leashed and not exhibit aggressive or harmful behaviour.

JC Agri Orchards

Address: 3105 16th Sideroad, King City, ON L7B 1A3

Contact Details: (705) 984-8894

Operating Hours:

  • Mon to Thu – Closed
  • Fri to Sun – 9 am to 5 pm

Distance From Toronto: 59.4 km


JC Agri Orchards is a down-to-earth, simple, and scenic family-run farm that’s perfect for fams and crews looking for a fall hangout spot.

For a mere $5, you’re granted access to their orchard—a place where the McIntosh, Spartan, and Cortland varieties reign supreme. Those seeking PYO action will also smile at their wallet-friendly price of $2 per pound of apples.

Tip: Remember to try JC’s other goods, including local meats, apple cider, and pies. 

Applevale Orchards

Address: 5144 Derry Rd, Burlington, ON L7M 0R6

Contact Details: (647) 988-1753

Operating Hours: Daily – 10 am to 4 pm

Distance From Toronto: 63.2 km


Applevale Orchards is where the apple adventure typically comes with a family-sized entry fee of $40. However, the latest 2024 prices haven’t been posted yet, so it’s smart to give their website a visit as fall starts knocking on the door.

Regarding their treasured varieties, Applevale has Cortland and the coveted Honeycrisp in September, while October keeps the fruity flavour alive with Ida-red and Empire apples. Other must-taste types they flaunt are Northern Spy, Ambrosia, and Russet.

Tip: Those planning to visit with a large group must give Applevale a heads-up call.