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A Play by Play on All the Best Things Ajax Has to Offer

A Play by Play on All the Best Things Ajax Has to Offer

The town of Ajax got its name from one of the 3 ships that fought off a German battleship during World War II. The community began when the Defence Industries Limited built a base there to supply to allies in the war. 

Fast forward to today, Ajax still celebrates its past by naming all new streets after the crew of the original Ajax and through the many historical attractions. But the town offers much more than that. 

Join us on a journey through Ajax’s list of fun attractions, great eats, and areas dedicated to conserving nature’s natural beauty.

Try Your Luck on Horses or Slots at the Ajax Downs Racetrack

Address: 50 Alexander’s Crossing, Ajax, ON L1Z 2E6, Canada

Phone Number: +1 905 686 8001


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

For over 40 years, the Ajax Downs Racetrack has been serving betting aficionados and satisfying the thrill of cashing in on a win. After a renovation in 2009, the Ajax Downs now has a full 6 furlong oval racetrack. 

The renovation also included a new state of the art Slots facility making it a multifaceted entertainment experience. Although there are now 500 slot machines, Live Quarter Horse Racing still takes center stage, drawing crowds from May to October. 

If you have your kids with you, you might want to time your visit during Family Day. 

Pro Tip:
If you’d rather watch and make bets from a comfortable place, the racetrack also boasts an expansive Simulcast area where you can watch the race in the 70 screens they have there. 

Enjoy the Scenery at Ajax Waterfront Park

– Media Credit: say.ghosh

Address:  Ajax, ON L1S 3Z3, Canada

Phone Number: +1 905 683 2951


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

Ajax’s scenic Waterfront Park, often a hidden gem, is a totally underrated spot in town. This area spans over 150 acres of natural beauty. You can take a leisurely stroll along the well-laid walkways and boardwalks that go on for about 7 km. 

While on the trails, you get full views of Lake Ontario. The walkways are integrated into and lead you to the iconic Waterfront Trail. There are a lot of trees and green spaces scattered around the area which add to the already great scenery. 

Pro Tip:
If you have children with you, there are a lot of benches there where they can take a break from walking and enjoy some snacks and drinks. Just be careful when you get near the cliffs as there are no fences there. 

Taste Creations from the Region’s First at Durham Distillery

– Media Credit: hurtberryfarminc

Address: 25 Mill St, Ajax, ON L1S 6J8, Canada

Phone Number: +1 905 239 0172



  • Open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm 
  • Open on Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm

Durham Distillery is the region’s first distillery and is housed in a renovated fire hall. The distillery invites spirit enthusiasts to indulge in an array of award-winning creations, including gin, whiskey, and vodka made only from locally sourced ingredients. 

They have 6 core products that include classic vodka and gin, but also features more unique flavored spirits like their Paradise City Citrus Gin. Their whiskey line comprises 2 high quality Canadian Whiskeys that have consistently won awards. 

Pro Tip:
Apart from their main products, they also have Limited Release products that they only make a few of, so make sure to check their website to see what’s available. Their  apple pie moonshine was one of the most popular ones released.

Go on a Historical Journey Through Craft Beer Falcon Brewing

Address: 30 Barr Rd, Ajax, ON L1S 7H1, Canada

Phone Number:  +1 905 686 6686



  • Open from Tuesday to Thursday from 2 pm to 8 pm 
  • Open on Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 11 pm 
  • Open on Sunday from 12 pm to 8 pm

If hard liquor isn’t your thing, you’ll be glad to know that Ajax also has fine breweries waiting for you. The Falcon Brewing Company has been well loved by locals and visitors for their freshly crafted beer since 2017. 

They have at least 20 beers on tap at all times or in cans. 7 of these are permanent brands including the Krumlove Pilsner, Salem Stout, Red Falcon Ale, and the Munition IPA. The other beers are rotated regularly to keep their customers on their toes. 

Pro Tip:
If you’re into history, try their Munition IPA and Bomb Girls which were inspired by Ajax’s history of being the location of the biggest munitions plant in the country during World War II. 

Grab Brunch at the Iconic Goldies Cafe & Eatery

Address: 75 Bayly St W, Ajax, ON L1S 7K7, Canada

Phone Number: +1 905 831 1000



  • Open from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 7 pm 
  • Open on Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm

After being out and about in Ajax, we suggest you fill up at the Goldies Cafe & Eatery. They have an extensive breakfast and lunch menu. Whether you crave a hearty breakfast sandwich, fluffy waffles, or a fresh salad, the options are endless. 

Our favorite thing to get here is the Goldies Big Bite Board which has scrambled eggs, bacon,  sausage, waffles, French Toast sticks, hash browns, and fresh fruits. On a cold day, their roasted tomato soup with smoked gouda is our go to. 

Pro Tip:
If you need gluten free options, the grilled chicken with peppers, pesto mayo, and baked brie served on a ciabatta bun is a flavorful choice. 

Immerse Yourself in Nature at the Greenwood Conservation Area

– Media Credit: canadaehhhhhhh

Address: 2290 Greenwood Rd, Ajax, ON L1T 4S4, Canada

Phone Number: +1 905 619 2529 with ext. number 7258


Hours: Open everyday from 8 am to 11 pm

One of the places in Ajax that never fails to disappoint when we need a bit of rest and relaxation in nature is the Greenwood Conservation Area. This spot is an absolute haven for nature enthusiasts. 

With trails measuring over 7 km, you can clear your head while enjoying nature. You can begin your journey along the Meadow Trail, which will lead you to the Bird Walk Trail. At the end, you’ll find the Greenwood Pavilion where you can take a breath. 

If you still have time, go on the Duffins Trail for views of Duffins Creek. This might be a bit more challenging though, so beginner hikers be warned. 

Pro Tip:
For hikers with little to no experience, it’s best to go onto the trails when the weather is warmer. Winter months might make the ground more slippery, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear. 

Taste Authentic Pakistani and Indian Food at Karahi Point 

Address: 163 Harwood Ave N BLDG A – Unit 2B, Ajax, ON L1Z 0B6, Canada

Phone Number: +1 905 619 9860


Hours: Open everyday from 12 pm to 2 am

Karahi Point is our suggested place for filling dinner after spending the whole day exploring the town of Ajax. This joint has been serving authentic Pakistani and Indian food since they were established in 2014. 

Their entire menu is Halal certified but features flavorful dishes like their buttered chicken, chicken tikka, garlic naan, chicken karahi, and their biryani. For the more adventurous eaters, you have to try the brain masala made from lamb’s brain. 

Pro Tip:
The dessert portion of their menu is often overlooked and underrated. Try their Gulab Jamun, Kulfi Falooda, and the Ras Malai. 

Birdwatch at the Lynde Shores Conservation Area

– Media Credit: allisonmomomo

Address: 623 Halls Rd S, Ajax, ON L1P 2B3, Canada

Phone Number:  +1 905 579 0411


Hours: Open everyday from 7 am to 8 pm

The Lynde Shores Conservation is a great place to spend an entire day of exploring in Ajax. There are many looping trails you can go on, but for families with young kids, the Chickadee Trail is child and stroller friendly. 

The area also serves as a vital habitat for nesting birds and serves as a crucial resting point for waterfowl and shorebirds that are migrating. So, you can bring binoculars and go bird watching as you stroll along the trails. 

There are also plenty of viewing decks where you can see the wetlands. Just be careful when you make your way up as the ground can be covered in moss in cooler months. 

Pro Tip:
Since the area covers about 40 hectares of space, we highly recommend you download the Avenza Maps app to navigate while you’re there. You can use it offline and track where you are within the conservation area. 

Enjoy a Day of Fun and Relaxation at Paradise Beach

– Media Credit: anyesbythelake

Address:  Ajax, ON L1S 3Z3, Canada

Phone Number: +1 905 683 4550

Hours: Open everyday 24/7

Nestled along a scenic lakefront strip, Paradise Beach offers a combination of a tranquil escape while you sunbathe or watch the water from the shore. If you like the water, the beach is great for swimming and other water based activities like snorkeling. 

There are also fishing opportunities here which you can grill and enjoy on beachside picnics. Volleyball courts and cycling paths are great to burn off some excess energy, while the lakeside boardwalk is a fantastic place for a relaxing walk. 

Pro Tip:
The beach area itself is not huge, so it tends to get filled up especially during the weekends. Make sure you try to get there early to secure a spot where you can lounge around ( and enjoy the sunset!)

Ice Skate at Pat Bayly Square in the Winter

– Media Credit: townofajax

Address: 55 Bayly St W, Ajax, ON L1S 7K7, Canada

Phone Number: +1 365 885 3848

Hours: Open everyday from 9 am to 9 pm

If you’re looking for some fun activities to try in Ajax during the winter, the Pat Bayly Square is a popular spot for outdoor ice skating. While not the largest, this outdoor skating rink exudes a lively atmosphere especially during the holidays. 

This is a great place for kids to enjoy some family fun time that they’ll remember. Just remember to bring your own skates and protective gear. There are guide rails around the rink’s edge, so beginners need not worry too much! 

Plus, activities that might disturb other visitors like ice hockey aren’t allowed, so you won’t have to worry about dodging rowdy skaters while on ice. 

Pro Tip:
The skating rink is open everyday, but can sometimes close depending on weather conditions, so make sure you call ahead on the day of your visit to ask if they’re open or not. 

Go Back in Time at Pickering Village

Address: Ajax, ON L1S 6C9, Canada

Phone Number: +1 800 372 1102


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

You can transport yourself to an unexpected European wonderland within Ajax by strolling through Pickering Village. This charming spot was originally a Quaker Settlement dating back to the 1800s. 

As you explore the intersection of Old Kingston Road and Church Street, you’ll be captivated by buildings featuring old style European architecture, just like the old towns of Germany. The buildings have been repurposed as shops, pubs, and restaurants. 

The courtyard in the center is another great spot in the village to sit and enjoy the views. 

Pro Tip:
Drop by Aunty’s Recipes for some Italian food that’s as authentic as the buildings in the village. Their pastas and pizzas are the best, but the dessert section especially the tiramisu is to die for. 

Have a Great Afternoon Amongst the Trees at the Rotary Park

– Media Credit: rottencotton

Address: 177 Lake Driveway W, Ajax, ON L1S 7J1, Canada

Phone Number: +1 905 683 2951


Hours: Open everyday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Nestled along the Ajax Waterfront, Rotary Park acts as a serene retreat for both locals and visitors alike. Lions Point Shelter is our favorite spot in the park. It features seating for lounging about, a playground and splash pad for kids. 

There are snack bars in the park or you can opt to bring your own food for a picnic. The 3 picnic areas, including The Maples, The Oaks, and the Pinery, each offer unique views of the different trees in the park. 

The maple trees turn to a vibrant shade of red and orange during the fall, so we always have our picnics in this area during those months. 

Pro Tip:
We suggest having a picnic here in the late afternoon. You can get a permit to hold a barbecue session at the park using propane grills. After eating, you can enjoy the sight of the sunset with a full tummy. 

Enjoy the Best Steak in Ajax at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar 

Address: 190 Kingston Rd E, Ajax, ON L1Z 0C7, Canada

Phone Number: +1 905 428 8600



  • Open from Monday to Thursday from 4 pm to 11 pm 
  • Open on Friday from 4 pm to 12 am 
  • Open on Saturday from 3 pm to 12 am 
  • Open on Sunday from 3 pm to 11 pm

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar is another one of Ajax’ must try restaurants, especially if you’re into high quality steaks and seafood. Their menu features succulent cuts of steak which are carefully aged and grilled. 

With over 50 years of experience in the industry reflected in each dish, this place is visitor’s usually choose to have their last dinner before leaving the town. The slow roasted prime rib seasoned with a unique spice blend is a crowd favorite. 

The menu extends beyond steak though, to include fresh seafood like shrimps, scallops, lobsters and crab. 

Pro Tip:
You should explore the wines and drinks served at the Keg Steakhouse + Bar. Don’t be afraid to ask staff for recommendations on what pairs well with what you ordered. The Famous Keg Caesar with polar ice, tabasco, and worcestershire is worth a try!

Have a Renaissance Themed Breakfast at the Symposium Cafe Restaurant 

Address: 338 Rossland Rd E, Ajax, ON L1Z 0K4, Canada

Phone Number: +1 905 683 3232


Hours: Open everyday from 8 am to 12 am

Symposium Cafe Restaurant in Ajax is a quaint little spot that mostly only locals go. They serve everything from breakfast favorites like eggs benedict, omelets, and waffles. 

Their lunch menu has classic dishes like calamari, chicken wings, flatbreads, and sandwiches. For dinner, burgers, chicken parmesan, and salmon pesto are prime choices. Choose any of their mules, martinis, cocktails or beers to go with your food. 

The Renaissance theme of the interior adds a touch of uniqueness to the dining space with recreations of the paintings from the time period decorating the walls. 

Pro Tip:
They celebrate a different food each day of the week, with substantial discounts. Make sure you check their line up for the week. Our favorites are the Seafood Fridays where they give you a free bowl of clam chowder and 50% of all bottles of wines. 

Get to the Bottom of Ajax’s Wartime History at Veterans Point Gardens

– Media Credit: townofajax

Address: Waterfront Trail, Ajax, ON L1S 3Z3, Canada

Phone Number: +1 905 683 4550


Hours: Open everyday 24/7

The Veterans Point Gardens is the perfect last spot to finish your visit to Ajax. With the town’s rich wartime history, this place will enlighten you with all the interesting facts. 

As you walk along the waterfront, you’ll find signage in many areas where significant developments happened in World War II. They also tell the narratives of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Army, and iconic vessels like the HMS Ajax.

You also get to delve into the history of Defence Industries Limited, a pivotal contributor during those times. The gardens themselves hold a huge collection of different flowers and plants.

Pro Tip:
The Veterans Point Gardens overlooks the waterfront, so you get great views of the water. This looks especially beautiful in the early mornings when the sun is just starting to peek through the clouds. Wear a coat to keep warm and enjoy the peace.